Get more out of Google Maps with these 8 Google tricks

If you use Google Maps, you can use these 8 Google tricks to get more out of the navigation and maps application par excellence.

Google maps It is one of those applications that millions of people use every day, but that sometimes are not used to the maximum due to the lack of knowledge that exists around some of its functions and tools.

That is why Google has wanted go over some of the lesser known features and tricks of Google Maps, to show us how to get even more out to the application of maps and navigation par excellence.

Google Maps on an Android mobile

The Google Maps application on an Android mobile.

1. Manage your Google Maps profile

Google gives you the possibility to keep control of your data on Google Maps.

To do this, you just have to access the Maps settings page, where it is possible to modify what type of data is shared publicly, including publications, images or opinions about places.

2. Modify your profile name

it's possible change the name that other Google Maps users see. How? Easy: you just have to enter your Google account settings to change your personal data and choose the name you want to display.

3. Share photos respecting the privacy of other users

Google recommends that users who collaborate by posting opinions about places that, if shared pictures of places, avoid publishing those photographs in which the faces of other people appear. And if it's not possible, you can always use Android photo editors to blur their faces.

4. Report inappropriate content

Google Maps gives the possibility of report inappropriate contentas well as the person who posted it. To do this, Google offers tools to report content or users in a simple way.

Google Maps for Android

Google Maps on an Android mobile.


5. Share your location in real time with your close circle

For some time now, Google Maps has been able to share the location in real time. The company suggests a way to get more out of this feature, which is to share the location with our close circle of friends and family during our trips, so that they can know what places do we visit and where we are at all times.

6. Manage your location history

By default, the location history of Google Maps is disabled. However, you can enable it to know what places you have visited, and thus share recommendations with members of your family or your friends.

7. Quickly access your Google account settings

You don't need to search for your Google account settings if you need to make a quick change related to Google Maps settings. The navigation and maps application allows you to make adjustments to aspects such as location history or activity within the app. In addition, you can configure the automatic deletion of your activity so that you do not have to delete the data manually from time to time.

8. Use incognito mode

One of the latest features to reach Google Maps It was incognito mode. Thanks to it, you can search for places that will not be recorded in the map activity history. Also, the data collected will not be used to personalize your experience.

To activate the incognito mode of Google Maps you just have to touch on your profile image, and then select the option "Incognito mode".

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