get in fourteen months what they expected in four years

Yesterday was the day of communication of financial results by Disney, and they were very good considering that they collect income and profits from the last quarter of 2020, the one in which the company used to have big premieres in theaters. The US company has managed to weather the storm with 29 million dollars of net profit, which despite being a small figure, exceeds the estimates of analysts. Compared to last year, the data, yes, is very negative, with a fall of 99%

Key in balancing the balance has been the "Direct-to-Consumer" division, where the revenues from Disney +, Hulu and ESPN are collected, which in the United States can be contracted in a pack. There the company has managed to go from 2,025 million dollars to 3,504, which represents a growth of 73%.

Disney + obtains in 14 months the data expected in 4 years

Disney Plus Android Tv

Disney + on Android TV

The company reviewed its user figures on its online platforms in the United States and abroad. Surprisingly, Disney + has already reached 94.9 million users, a figure that has reached in 14 months compared to the four years they estimated. Since only December, when they announced they have 86 million, they have grown almost 9 million users. However, that does not mean that all the work is done.

At this time, Disney earns less for each paying subscriber than it did in the same period last year. Specifically, 28% less. The company explains it with the launch of Disney + Hotsar in India and Indonesia, where its price is much lower than the average of other markets. In this sense, Disney + entered in the last quarter $ 4.03 for each user, for $ 11.02 from Netflix.

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The Reed Hastings Company has just over twice as many subscribers as Disney +, with 203.66 million in the last figure and 209.66 million estimated for the following quarter. In addition, if we make the simple calculation of multiplying the number of Disney + users by what the company states that it enters for each of them, we obtain that in this quarter they have entered 382 million dollars (excluding the income obtained in Premier Access).

The good news for market players is that, despite the streaming war, at the moment they are all growing in users

It is a good figure compared to the 147.34 million of the same period of the previous year. However, it is very far from the 6.644 million dollars that Netflix has entered, which are the beacon that marks the path of the industry. Yes, Adding up all Disney services, the 3,504 million we have mentioned before are reached, which are little more than half of Netflix.

The difference between Disney + separately and the rest of the services can give us to understand that in its international expansion, the company can bet on much more than content from series and movies, with sport as the great goldmine. Now we just have to wait and see what effect the price increase announced with the launch of Star has.

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