GeForce NOW on Chrome is the solution to play hundreds of video games on Windows and macOS without demanding requirements

NVIDIA GeForce NOW He grew up a year ago, after more than five years in beta, with a rather interesting approach: not marrying anyone. Not with a video game store or your team. It is, so to speak, how to install your own games on a powerful computer in the cloud.

The NVIDIA platform, which allows us to buy our games on Steam, the Epic Games Store or uPlay, continues to press the accelerator and in its latest update it arrives ready to conquer the Google browser: because yes, GeForce Now is now available directly in Chrome. Therefore, we will no longer depend on the installed application.

"It is possible that other platforms [que disponen de Chrome] work ", they say from NVIDIA, but they are not supported.

Playing on GeForce NOW from Google Chrome

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Last year the platform already arrived, beta through, to the Apple browser with the aim of facilitate the ability to play PC games from iOS devicesespecially from the iPad. And now it comes to Chrome.

With version 2.0.27, GeForce NOW adds beta support for Google Chrome to allow playing from the versions of this browser for Windows and macOS. "It is possible that other platforms [que disponen de Chrome] work ", they say from NVIDIA, but they are not compatible. It also supports Macs with Apple M1.

To run the gaming platform in the cloud just access and ready. No more is needed.

GerForce NOW lets you create shortcuts and bookmarks to launch games quickly

We have tested NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia: these are your assets to conquer the game in streaming

GeForce NOW also contemplates that it is not always the best option to enter the browser, the platform and then a video game to start a game, so lets you easily create shortcuts and bookmarks to start titles quickly. Also, with Chrome support, a URL can be shared to invite a friend to play any game.

Regarding the requirements, the NVIDIA platform requires at least 15MB / s for 720p resolution at 60 frames per second and 25MB / s for 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, wired Ethernet connection or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. Depending on whether it is a Windows computer or a Mac, the requirements change and can be found here, although they are not as demanding as those that would be needed to run a game natively.

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