Garmin Enduro, data sheet of characteristics and price

There are many smart watches, although when it comes to buying the specifications, there are few differences between them. The new Garmin Enduro knows how to differentiate itself from the rest in one key aspect: battery life. With the help of the sun, you can extend its autonomy to up to 65 days.

With a price of 799.99 euros, it is not surprising that in the Enduro, Garmin has thrown all the meat on the grill. It has all the sensors available and to have, resistant and designed for endurance athletes.

Garmin Enduro Datasheet

Garmin Enduro


Power Glass 1.4 "
280 x 280

Dimensions and weight

51 x 51 x 14.9 mm
72 or 58 g.

Sensors and components

Garmin Pay
Heart rate
Sleep monitoring


Up to 65 days in smartwatch mode with solar charging
Up to 130 days / 1 year in economy mode


10 ATM


64 MB


799.99 euros

Battery for a while, if it's sunny

The Garmin Enduro would be one more smartwatch if it weren't for its screen, which the company has dubbed Power Glass, transflective, in color, and which can be used to charge the smartwatch with solar energy. It is, by the way, a 1.4-inch diagonal screen with a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels.

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With the help of the astro, and according to official Garmin measurements, the Garmin Enduro can support 80 hours of battery life in GPS mode, 300 hours in maximum battery saving mode and up to 65 days in smartwatch mode. These calculations are taking into account that the watch will be 3 hours a day in environments of 50,000 lux.


With a rugged design, the Garmin Enduro has a carbon-coated titanium or stainless steel bezel (depending on version) and boasts the certification of 10 atmospheres water resistance, while the normal thing in smart watches is still 5 ATM.

In sensors and calculations during exercises, you have them all: heart rate monitor, heart rate monitor, advanced sleep monitoring, VO2 Max, heat and altitude acclimatization, navigation sensors and more. From the clock itself it is also to keep track of your hydration, breathing and "body energy".


As for more mundane smart functions, it supports payments with Garmin Pay, it keeps you up to date with all the notifications that come to your mobile and includes assistance and incident detection functions.

Garmin Enduro versions and prices


The Garmin Enduro is already on sale in two versions: steel and titanium. The steel model costs 799.99 euros, while the titanium model rises to 899.99 euros. Both are available on the Garmin website.

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