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Live is the name with which Microsoft has christened a platform that aims to position itself as the particular home base of the teleworker. To understand each other, it is the solution proposed by those from Redmond to end the fragmentation in terms of work tools of the remote worker today.

The idea is that Microsoft Live centralize everything that has to do with an employee's needs: communications, knowledge, learning and resources. These are, in addition, the four key modules that make up the platform and that are nourished by Microsoft Team and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Viva aims to end the fragmentation in terms of tools and offer a unique solution for the day-to-day work of a remote worker

Microsoft's unique solution for the future of telecommuting

Microsoft Viva Insights

Viva Insights interface. / Microsoft

"Today, organizations spend more than $ 300 billion a year on the employee experience. This figure includes employee development and training, benefits and wellness, and a host of technologies for employee experience. But too often, these technologies are fragmented, hard to find and disrupt workflow. "

Starting from the premise on these lines, Microsoft argues that as digital tools become essential in the business environment, a new approach and new solutions are needed. In fact, a new category of them, the ones they call employee experience platforms or EXP.

Microsoft Viva, therefore, is a platform to complement work and what surrounds it

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Microsoft Viva, therefore, is a platform to complement work and what surrounds it. A space for enhance aspects such as communication, learning, knowledge discovery and well-being of the staff. The idea is that employees can be trained, be able to find the solutions they need, and ultimately become more engaged with your company.

All this translates in this integrated Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 experience and in the release of four modules.

Live Connections, which works with Teams and allows access to internal company communications, resources such as policies and information about benefits or employee communities. Practical knowledge to aid in daily work can be found in Live Insights, a module in which workers can manage their individual productive and rest time, while managers and managers can see, through anonymized data, information and recommendations on the status of the equipment, possible signs of exhaustion or the need to set priorities .

Live learning

Viva Learning interface. / Microsoft

Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning and Viva Topics are the four areas that make up Microsoft Viva

Live learningFor its part, it will be in charge of hosting all the information related to more traditional learning courses and other microlearning courses. In it, both the assignment of a course to an employee by a boss and the recommendation by an AI of content can come into play according to the work being done at a given time. By last, Live Topics It is the module that identifies the people of the company who are experts in a certain field or discipline and allows the rest to connect with them in a simple way.

Microsoft Viva is launching today, albeit partially. While Viva Insights and Viva Topics are out now, Viva Learning has been presented in a private preview with a late 2021 release in mind and Viva Connections is slated to launch during the first half of this year for desktop and towards the end of this year. mobile application form.

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