Ford teams up with Google to bring Android Auto to "cars of all prices" by 2023

Ford and Google have announced a partnership to accelerate the digital transformation of automotive and bring Google services and applications to cars in all price ranges. The association begins in 2023 and has an initial duration of six years.

The association will also mean use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and Google cloud services as the preferred provider and the creation of a collaboration group under the name of Team Upshift. This team will, for example, create new personalized experiences for consumers.

Android Automotive for Ford in 2023

Andauto Android Automotive

The Google-Ford partnership will apply Google's expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud platforms to accelerate Ford's digital transformation. Possible uses include improving user experience with personalized services, using AI to improve manufacturing processes and supply chain, or real-time business models. For the user, this could for example mean receiving real-time alerts for maintenance requests.

Beyond Android Auto: what it is and how it works Android Automotive, the integrated operating system for cars

In addition, Ford has announced that starting in 2023, both Ford and Lincoln will begin to benefit from Android experiences, with Google applications and services. These, they say, will reach "millions of vehicles" in "all price ranges." In other words, we can expect that from 2023 there will be a great impulse for Android Automotive in Ford cars.

This means that Android Automotive will be listed as infotainment service in Ford cars, at least during the period of this alliance, which begins in 2023 and will last six more years, until 2029. Android Automotive is something like Android Auto, but instead of working on mobile phones and projected on the screen, it is itself car the one that runs the operating system.

In this way, Ford will bet on Google applications and services such as the Google Assistant, Google Maps as the default navigation system and with access to Google Play, to be able to install other compatible applications from the store.

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