Find out how to easily cancel your Netflix membership

That's how easy it is to delete your Netflix membership forever.

Although Netflix has become an important part of entertainment in our homes, there are times when there are no series or movies that attract us enough, and we simply wish cancel our subscription. Also, with the arrival of competitors like Disney Plus and Amazon Prime, Netflix does not seem as necessary as it used to.

For this and other reasons you may want to cancel your Netflix subscription. If this is your case, keep reading this little guide until the end, so you can discover how to do it simply and definitively.

Cancel your Netflix membership

You can cancel your membership from any browser by entering this address. It will take you to the next page, where you must log in and then click on the letters that say Cancel membership.

cancel membership netflix

Doing so will take you to your account settings, where you will see a gray button that also says Cancel membership, press it and then press the blue button that says Finish cancellation. By doing this, you will see a list of various reasons why you could be canceling your membership. Choose the reason that best suits your situation and press Done.

steps to cancel netflix membership

With that you will be done, that's how easy it is to cancel your Netflix membership. You can do it on any day of the month no matter what your payment date is, since Netflix will respect the remaining days of your contract and you will continue to have access to all its content during that remaining period of time. This same procedure that we show you here can be done from a computer and the steps to follow will be exactly the same.

Get your Netflix membership back

If for some reason, you regret having canceled your Netflix subscription in the future, all you have to do is go back to your account settings, and instead of Cancel membership, it will appear to you Restart membership. Press it and you can continue enjoying your Netflix account as if nothing had happened.

reset netflix membership

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