Facebook wants to conquer your wrist with an Android smartwatch focused on sport

The Facebook smartwatch will be released next year and can be used independently of our smartphone.

In recent years, Facebook has progressively become a hardware manufacturer and after the Oculus virtual reality glasses and Portal video calling devices, now the American giant is working to bring to market your own Android smartwatch focused on social networks and sports.

Facebook wants to launch its own smartwatch to compete with Apple and Google

Facebook wants to launch its own smartwatch to compete with Apple and Google

This is all we know so far about the Facebook smartwatch

As we can read in 9to5Google, echoing an information published in The Information, Facebook is planning to present your own smartwatch, a wearable aimed at messaging and health.

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This movement of the social network comes after, at the beginning of the year, Google closed the purchase of Fitibit, the firm specialized in sports wearables, which tried to buy Facebook itself in 2019.

The company directed by Marc Zuckenberg wants to compete face to face with the future Google smartwatch and with the Apple Watch with a device aimed at communicating with our friends and family through sending quick messages through Facebook platforms and keep track of our daily physical activity, being able to connect this watch with other fitness deviceslike Peleton's smart exercise bikes.

According to the sources consulted, this smart watch would work with an open source version of Google's Android software although the social network would already be developing its own operating system for its devices.

Another highlight of the Facebook smartwatch is that it has own cellular connection to be able to connect to the internet without depending on our smartphone.

The smart watch from Marck Zuckenberg's company will be released next year and from the social network they are so sure of their success that they are already preparing a second generation of your smartwatch that it would see the light only a year later.

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Finally and according to the sources consulted, the price of the Facebook smartwatch will be very similar to its production cost, although we will have to wait until it is officially presented to see if it will be competitive enough to fight Google and Apple.

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