everything we know about the 'gaming' beast

The Taiwanese ASUS confirms the first steps of its new ROG Phone 5, which will soon arrive with a costume and hardware of a brown beast to cheer up the most 'gamers' of the place.

After unveiling the ASUS ROG Phone 3 last summer, many questioned whether the Taiwanese firm would continue to launch beastly smartphones designed for gaming, given the testimonial global sales despite the good reviews for its ROG Phone devices.

If anything, the latest news around ASUS does. They pointed to a new top-of-the-range smartphone, and now it has been the Asian manufacturer itself who has been in charge of confirming it, posting the first image teaser from the ASUS ROG Phone from 2021, which apparently will skip a generation to adopt the "5".

ASUS ROG Phone 5, leaks

The Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS already anticipates the ROG Phone 5 with the classic 'teaser' image… But we know much more!

All the media coincide, both GSMArena and MySmartPrice or the leaks themselves spilled on the Chinese social network Weibo, so we are going to track them once and for all to collect you in this article everything we know about what the new ASUS ROG Phone 5 will be, a brown beast destined for gaming which for now remains in the field of the hypothetical ... Do you want to know it? Well, we are still right here below!

The day of the beasts, ASUS presents the stratospheric ROG Phone 3 as the most powerful Android mobile in the world

The ASUS ROG Phone 5 will be eye-catching, but gaming mobiles are starting to get a bit stylish

If he teaser shown by ASUS is not that it gives us a glimpse of anything really palpable, yes ** we can affirm following the first images and videos of the prototypes, that ROG Phone 5 will get a little more stylized, always within the striking of any product gaming, but more in tune with any other high-performance mobile.

In fact, it seems that device frames have been significantly reduced looking for symmetries, because on the sides there are practically no edges but At the top and bottom we will find black edges to house components such as the front camera, much smaller than before.

The back shows an already known design, similar to the current model, with industrial-looking details and geometric patterns, but built in glass and with prominence for a rear photographic module that grows in size.

ASUS ROG Phone 5, leaks

The first “live” images of the next ASUS beast.

It is noticed that yes an engraving with the figures "05" What could this generational leap suggest? skipping the ROG Phone 4, which will never see the light of day. Some lights that as always will be present in another device gamer, that apparently I'd light up that center line thanks to a configurable RGB LED.

You can also see a red button in the lower right frame, which could presumably be used to activate gaming mode just like it happens on other similar devices.

Obviously for now these are prototypes and the design is likely to change in the end, so it will have to be taken with caution and valued for what it is, an anticipated response to feed the hype now that Black Shark also paves the way for a new Black Shark 4 that also takes its first steps.

TENAA certification underway, and full power hardware

We have already seen it without talking about technical characteristics or specifications, which seem to be among the best in the industry, but do not worry because there are more details coming from the recent TENAA certification, where the new ROG Phone from ASUS for 2021 has already started the procedures to obtain its commercial license.

In fact, it seems that That lit line on the back won't just be an ornament gamer, but will offer functionality becoming a small secondary screen capable of displaying important device notifications such as incoming calls.

The main screen would be 6.78 inches with FHD + resolution and high refresh rates, we expected no less, crammed into a 172.83 × 77.2 × 10.2 mm housing Due to its size, we can already glimpse a very high capacity battery.

Not in vain, there is talk of 5,960 mAh for a brutal autonomy even playing the heaviest titles on the Android platform, adding to the equation a 65W ultra-fast charge that would return 100% electrons to your battery in less than 45 minutes.

As we have already seen, the rear camera would be triple although we do not know any of its details, and the device would come animated by Android 11 with a customization that offers a advanced game mode with boost power and notification blocking.

As for the electronic heart, obviously the processing is carried out by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 accompanied by memory configurations to choose from, starting from a RAM of 8 GB LPDDR5x that would grow in more performance models.

Regarding your presentationIt should be noted that last year ASUS presented its ROG Phone in the summer, in July to be specific, but everything seems to indicate that like Xiaomi, Vivo and Samsung, among others, the Taiwanese manufacturer could advance the launch to this first quarter... We will have to remain vigilant because this promises!

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