Critical vulnerability in Sudo that allows you to gain root access on Linux also affects macOS Big Sur

Last week we told you about a critical vulnerability discovered in Sudo that allows gain root access on any Linux distro and that can be exploited by any local user.

While researchers had only verified its existence so far on distros such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Gentoo, as well as BSD, already they had warned that other Unix-style operating systems would likely be affected, we now know that the bug also affects macOS.

Baron Samedit even affects macOS Big Sur


Baron Samedit is a bug in Sudo that was introduced in the tool in July 2011, and that can be exploited to gain root privileges, even if the user is not listed in the file sweats which controls who, which, with what privileges and on which machines commands can be executed.

Even the latest version of macOS, that is, Big Sur, includes the Sudo tool in the system. Cybersecurity expert Matthew Hickey, known on Twitter as HackerFantastic, explained that, with some modifications, the vulnerability can also be exploited on Macs to gain root access.

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Their findings were verified by other experts in the field, and they verified that the bug can be exploited in macOS even after updating the system with the latest security patches that Apple published on Monday February 1st.

Hickey reported the problem to Apple, but so far the company has not commented on it, although it is likely that a patch for the vulnerability is on the way, being that it is such a critical flaw.

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