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Create a website for your business, fast, easy and free with this new tool from Microsoft

Microsoft, through its Digital Marketing Center, has started to offer a new free service so that anyone can create a complete website for their business in just a few steps. The tool allows you to publish the site in a few minutes and gives you a free .biz domain.

This tool is aimed mainly at SMEs and offers the option of directly importing a business's Facebook page, the Instagram Business profile and other social networks.

How to create a website with Digital Marketing Center

First, it is important to know that this tool is only available in English, and that it is part of the Microsoft Advertising services, so one of your options is the integration of advertising services.

However, it is possible to simply create your and publish your website for free without hiring any Microsoft service in the process. To do this, the first thing to do is create an account in Digital Marketing Center, or log in with your existing Microsoft account.

Digital Marketing Center Microsoft

The option to choose to create a free website is the one on the right

When you have created your account you must uncheck the option on the left where they offer you help to advertise, and instead check the one on the right that offers free help to manage your social networks.

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In the following steps you must choose the option "I don't have a website" to indicate that you do not have a website for your business. In the two drawers you must write the name of your business, and below the URL that it will have. The domain is .biz.siteFor example, if we created one of Genbeta, the site address would be

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Once you have chosen the name, you must choose between two more options: import your Facebook page directly so that the tool creates a website from all that information, or build your own customizing everything from scratch with the options they offer you.

The option to import a Facebook business page works very well and can deliver more than decent results. Additionally, you can edit the information that appears there, but you cannot change the language in which preset items such as menus, links, and buttons are displayed. So with this tool you can really only create a website in English.

Dmc Create Website

A business website for Genbeta created from the Facebook page

All the segments of the page that can be added and edited are related to basic information of a business, such as contact forms, hours of operation, telephone numbers, address, etc. You have the option of preview what the web will look like on both desktop and mobile before publishing.

It is possible to integrate your social networks so that your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds appear for example. You can even select which posts you want to appear. You can add a gallery of images, and you can customize the cover. It is an interesting option and one that is worth trying for the price of nothing, perhaps its main disadvantage is the language issue.