collections in Microsoft Edge have done wonders for my productivity

I am one of those who have been using the new Edge since its early days in preview, and since then I have not changed the main browser again not only because I have the best of Chrome and the classic Edge in one package, but because Microsoft's browser has a few functions that are most convenient for me.

One of those functions in particular, and the reason for this article, is collections. Basically collections are like an improved version of browser bookmarks or bookmarks, one that, honestly, I find much more comfortable, practical and easy to organize.

Collections are a one way trip

Collections On Mobile

On the left the collections in Microsoft Edge for iOS and on the right the collections in Edge for Windows 10

Collections are a feature that is built into Edge and that you can see on the desktop as a icon next to the address bar in the form of two cards with a cross inside. If you click on that icon, a side panel will open where your different collections will be saved.

Whether you create one or more, you just have to select the collection and in one click you can add the page you are viewing to a group. As well you can drag any image that is on a web directly to your collections to save it, or you can copy a text segment and drag it into the column to paste it into your collections.

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That's basically what collections are, groups of links, images or text that you can save directly in the browser and that are synced across all your Edge installations, with some extras.

Drag Images To Collections

Drag images to your collections

Unlike bookmarks in the browser, which have been looking and functioning the same since I was so young that my back did not hurt, the collections are not in lists and folders cluttered in drop-down menus where sometimes the title of the full page is not read, where you do not see views previews, or thumbnails, and that are usually as visually attractive as an Excel sheet.

Links in collections look more like the Genbeta home page or any other medium would look like: a title, a link, an image. But, besides saving links you can add notes to your collections, and those notes can be different colors just like Windows 10 sticky notes.

Notes In Collections

Notes in Microsoft Edge Collections

In the links column in your collection you can organize your notes and saved webs simply by dragging and moving to the position you prefer, so it is very simple to save a website and add a note below with some kind of extra information that we need.

Collections in Edge are the modernization of browser favorites you didn't know you needed

In addition to this, the collections have a series of useful additional options: if you click on the button with three horizontal dots, you will see a menu that serves to: send to Excel, OneNote, Word or Pinterest; to sort by name or creation date, in even for copy or open all the webs that you have in a collection at the same time.

Another huge benefit of the collections is that, if you use Microsoft Edge also on your mobile, be it iOS or Android, you will have access to all your notes and websites saved on your other devices. This is especially useful if you constantly need to send links between one device and another.

Collections Options

Options for your collections

If you are someone whose main work tool is the browser, Edge and its collections can make your life a lot easier when it comes to saving fonts, useful links, storing bookmarks, sharing sites with others or between your own devices, and also adding annotations.

It can save you from having to use an additional note app just for something that your browser can do on its own, it is convenient and also helps save resources on your PC if this is not something you have to spare.

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