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CleanMyMac is updated with a graphic redesign and with the function that Apple should bring to the Mac M1 to save disk space

As we saw two years ago with the arrival of CleanMyMac X, the tool is essential for many macOS users. Thanks to it, they manage to reduce gigs and gigs of junk files, which are useless but make the user lose a lot of storage. Over time it became much more than that, and today it receives a new version with a must-have for Mac users with an M1 processor or just low on space.

In addition to that function, which we will now explore, the new version of CleanMyMac stands out for a new design that fits perfectly with macOS Big Sur lines, which is what its developers were looking for. In addition to that, animations and transparencies have been greatly improved, with more modern colors, simplified shadows and 3D parallax throughout the interface.

The sidebar, for example, now stands out from already more rounded frames, and in general I feel tidier as a user of the application since 2008. But let's go to what will make CleanMyMac an important tool for those who need to recover even more space than before.

Goodbye to Apple silicon and Intel universal binaries

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In addition to the much good that it has brought, the transition from Apple to Apple silicon leaving behind the Intel processors, for the moment has brought one thing wrong, and it is nothing other than application packages that contain both Intel's code and Apple silicon in most cases. This means that browsers such as Edge or Chrome can occupy more than double that of its version dedicated to Intel processors.

VLC is updated for Macs with M1, but its implementation is again as problematic as Chrome or Edge

This a priori It shouldn't be a huge problem until we realize that almost every developer is going to choose to offer the universal binary, good decision, on the other hand, not to cause confusion to users. The fact is that this, in any case, means that both on your Intel computer (which there are recent ones with 128 GB of disk) or on your computer with M1, you will have applications much heavier than you really need.

Save space M1

With this feature alone, we have saved more than 1GB since we installed the new version. That space is crucial on 128GB or 256GB SSDs.

With the new version of CleanMyMac, the important thing is that in addition to natively supporting Apple silicon, now these binaries that we do not need can be eliminated as they did at the time with the PowerPC ones. The application will analyze everything we have installed and, from where it can, it will cut.

It must be said that we have been testing the function and it works perfectly in what it does, which is to eliminate the Intel code in our case. Nevertheless, has not detected some applications like Microsoft Edge. It may need to be updated, because it is the first version with this.

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