Chrome OS will have a screen recorder from March: this is how it works

Google has announced that in March will come to Chrome OS, a screen recorder that will be integrated and with the aim of facilitating the recording of meetings especially for students and teachers who on many occasions, more than ever in the last year of the pandemic, carry out online lessons. This is one more bet by Google to make its Chromebooks the main allies in the school environment.

As Google itself explains in its blog, once you have pressed the corresponding button on your Chromebook, in the center of the screen, you will see a countdown (the typical 3, 2, 1) in the center of your screen and when it finishes the recording starts. To know if your Chromebook is actually recording, you will have to notice that there is a red circle on the right side of the bar task from your computer.

Integration with Google accounts of parents or guardians

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In addition to these developments, the Mountain View company has said that since many students are learning from home and that in many cases requires that mothers, fathers or guardians in general have to help them in their process, the possibility will be added for family members to allow families to add a Google Workspace for Education account to your children's personal Google account managed with Family Link.

The further Chrome OS advances, the more it loses its identity

This allows children to continue accessing the apps and websites they need with a school account, while parents can continue to establish guidelines for the use of devices and applications.

Chromevox will introduce improvements

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Another novelty that will arrive this year, in which Google has announced that it will launch 40 new models of Chromebooks, with a guide for educational centers and users in general can know which one suits them best, it will be to integrate accessibility functions for people with disabilities.

In this way, ChromeVox, a tool that can read the screen for the user, has new featuressuch as improved tutorials, the ability to search ChromeVox menus and there will be a smooth voice change that automatically changes the voice of the screen reader based on the language of the text.

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