Chrome for Android completely changes the way you display tabs

The Chrome browser for Android has changed the format of the tabs. These are the changes you should know about.

The next time you open Google Chrome on your Android mobile or tablet, you will probably find a tab panel with a very different interface than what you are used to. And it is that the last great update of the browser brings with it a new format for the open tabs menu, which leaves behind the vertical carousel and bet on one eyelash grid.

This update also brings with it the definitive implementation of the tab groups of which we began to speak months ago, and that for a long time has been available in the desktop version of the browser.

Andro4all in Chrome on a OnepLus 7T

Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world on all platforms.

This is what the new Chrome tab panel looks like

As explained in 9to5Google, the new tab panel allows display up to six tabs on the screen without the need to scroll, an important change compared to the previous edition, which only showed two or three tabs at most.

They all appear in one two column grid, where in addition to tabs, it will also be possible to access the tab groups that have been previously created.

Also included is the option to mark several tabs by long pressing on them.

Over the Chrome tab groups There is not much to tell that was not already known. In addition to being able to access them through the tab panel, when we are browsing an open page within a group, the rest of the pages will appear in a bar located at the bottom.

Google is already testing a "Read Later" feature in Chrome Canary for Android

How to turn off the tab grid and return to the previous format

If you are not convinced by the new format of the Google Chrome tabs, there is the possibility of return to previous display mode, which some consider more comfortable and intuitive.

To do this, it is necessary to resort to the hidden settings or flags from Google Chrome. Once in the corresponding menu, you will have to look for the option named as follows:


And from there, check the option "Disabled". Finally, it will suffice with restart browser to apply the changes.

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