Cashyy is an app that pays you to play from your mobile

We are going to tell you about Cashyy, a curious application that make small payments in exchange for playing with your mobile. It is another of the ways to earn money with the phone, such as Google Opinion Rewards or survey apps.

Cashyy is a completely free app, which it will give us different "missions" with which we can earn some money. We are not going to get rich playing, but it is a good alternative, especially since most of the games we have to play are quite popular.

Earn money playing with your mobile


Cashyy is an app that will give us virtual currencies in exchange for completing missions, these virtual currencies can be exchanged for checks from Amazon, iTunes or PayPal, among others. The only permission the application asks us for is the monitoring of use.

This is the permission used by apps like Digital Wellbeing and it is used to apps can measure how long we are using them. Cashyy is based on playing the games that you tell us for a few minutes a day, so this permission is necessary.

The missions are different but the trend is the same: play for X time to win a certain number of virtual coins exchangeable for money

I have listened to the advice of "how to earn money with mobile" a whole month and this is the result

Once permission is given and the account created (we can register with Google and Facebook), they will start giving us missions. They are fairly simple missions, like playing X games for X days for five minutes a day. If we complete the mission they will give us virtual currencies, exchangeable for codes for Amazon, iTunes or money in PayPal.

Make it clear that it will not be easy to earn a few euros. For example, to obtain an Amazon check for 2.5 euros, 48,506 coins are needed, and for each mission we will obtain approximately between 1,000 and 2,000 coins (the figure varies greatly depending on the mission). However, if you have a few minutes a day to play, ** at the end of the month you can win a few extra euros.



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