Beacons, a great alternative to Linktree with numerous customization options in its free plan

In the world of social networks, especially if we think of Instagram or TikTok, the platform Linktree it has practically become a standard. The typical web that appears linked in the bios also from Twitter and other platforms.

An easy, fast and simple way to create a fairly simple and attractive website in which to bring together different links to other networks, websites or whatever comes to mind. However, it is not the only one dedicated to the same.

Beacons offers a multitude of features free of charge that on Linktree are only available to paid users

Beacons it is a lesser known platform, but with the same function. His pro is that in the free plan it offers a multitude of functionalities that Linktree reserves only for paying users: such as the possibility of receiving donations or having web statistics. A great point in your favor when choosing between one and the other.

Creating an attractive website in a simple way


Beacons' focus on content creators is crystal clear, It bases its model and much of its characteristics on them, although practically anyone can take advantage of it.

To start using it, simply access its website and register. At the beginning, using an initial form that they say is powered by artificial intelligence, we can make a first configuration. However, our recommendation is to advance in those questions and directly access the control panel by Beacons. Of course, at the beginning we will have to choose our username, which will appear in the URL of the web that we will create, of the type

Once in it, we must be clear about how it is structured. On the one hand we have My page, where the different elements that make up our website appear and where we can add more; then Appearance, section from which we can modify the visual section; and finally, Advance, where you will find the options for users who subscribe to a payment plan.

The customization that we can achieve with the free options of Beacons is maximum

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The first and second sections are those that interest us. From the first, we can choose the type of content to display: a header, with our photo, our name and links through icons to social platforms; or a block of links, for example, in which we can add the links we want and customize how they are seen through icons, animations or images that identify them.

Since Appearance We can modify its appearance with images or background colors, changing tones, shapes ... the customization we can achieve is maximum. And, for sample, the gallery of examples from other users.

The most interesting thing about Beacons is that in addition to these typical content blocks, allows us to add many more. For example, YouTube, TikTok or Vimeo videos, Spotify playlists or other services, tweets, forms for users to subscribe to a newsletter or simple blocks of text in which to write whatever we want with the possibility of formatting it thanks to Markdown. We can even add a module, connected to the Stripe payment service, to receive donations.

In Beacons, by the way, the statistics on the clicks our links receive are also free and we can consult them by clicking on our avatar located in the upper right part of the web and accessing Analytics.

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