Apple just patented a charging cable that won't break

It seems that destroyed Lightning cables will be history very soon ... Apple prepares an unbreakable one!

We already know that Apple has been determined for years to avoid the standard USB Type-C connector in its iPhone, something that many of its users do not even understand and that even the European Commission is already studying in case it were possible force them to replace their cables and connectors Lightning, implementing at least in Europe the already standardized ones.

More frustrating, if possible, is having bought you a brand new Apple smartphone from more than 1,000 euros, and that your cable Lightning don't survive more than a few months fraying and ending up completely destroyed, and this without the need for fancy stuff and doing normal use with it, simply with the usual bending when connecting to the iPhone.

IPhone cable

Lightning cables probably weren't the most durable in iPhones.

Apple knows that this is one of the most bitter complaints from its users, unwilling to pay the 25 euros that the Cupertino giant charges in its store for a cable replacement, so according to Apple Insider and Engadget they have gotten to work to develop a cable Lightning higher quality that will not break in a few months with normal use of the devices.

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In fact, it is that the patent is already filed describing a cable that does not fray, and that it should replace the sleeves provided to improve stiffness cables, especially at their ends, where they fit into the connector, a contingency solution that adds thickness and according to Apple itself it does not relieve tension suffered by the cable itself.

According to the new design prepared in Cupertino, the idea is have different levels of stiffness in each of the longitudinal sections of the cable, offering a flexible section, another completely rigid and a third in a balance that should protect these frayed and ripped definitively.

Apple patents an unbreakable cable for the iPhone

The sketch of the new Apple cable, extracted from the patent.

Obviously a patent has been filed does not ensure that the product will arrive commercially, but that Apple is working on an improvement of its cables suggests that in Cupertino they are aware of the problem and they work to solve it one way or another.

Even more important now than they are saving the wall charger in the sales packages of their smartphones, including only these cables Lightning that do not leave such a good taste in the mouth like the pleasant experience of using any of the latest iPhone ... Good news, in any case, see this patent!

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