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An official version of Adobe Flash is still being distributed in China but it comes with adware files

It is a fact that the mythical Adobe Flash is no longer part of our lives as it did in past decades. However, its implementation among users was still so widespread in the month of December, when the developer company finally announced to withdraw all support, that in China, Adobe allowed a local company to continue distributing Flash within the country.

Of course, without the relevant security support, a group of researchers they say it looks like this version is infected with adware and features pop-up windows that are displayed often.

Zhong Cheng Network is the official authorized seller in China


This Chinese version of the old Flash Player application, a program widely used in both the public and private sectors in the country, only available through This is a website run by a company called Zhong Cheng Network, the only entity authorized by Adobe to distribute Flash within China. But Minerva Labs has announced that its security products detected multiple alerts related to this version.

To get started, the lab downloaded this version and the researchers found that the application did install a valid version of Flash, but also download and run additional payloads.

Extra files, risk-free in Europe


"After installing flash, the service was installed on our machine" they explained in their report from Minerva Labs, who discovered that, although it is an official version, it is accompanied by extra files such as the one internally named as "nt.dll", which is loaded into FlashHelperService. At the same time, Cisco's Talos Intelligence has listed this FlashHelperService.exe as one of the most frequent threats.

Windows 10 releases an update that removes Flash Player, unless you have installed it yourself

That was already noticed in the third week of last January. East extra file that accompanies Flash in the Asian country it results in pop-up windows that appear to the user with advertisements.

This threat does not affect Western users, as the version of Flash that you download from will not work on systems outside of China, but in light of Minerva's report, they shouldn't try to test it, as this could lead to adware installation and compromise the security of their systems.