an app with 10 million downloads turned out to be malware

Another popular Android app turns out to be malware.

One of the things that we have always criticized the most Android and therefore Google, It is the poor security as well as the poor quality of the applications that we can find in the Play Store, contrary to what happens at Apple.

It is not strange that every so often news appears revealing that an app with thousands of downloads is full of malware and it is that unfortunately, the quality standards and the control of Google are conspicuous by their absence.

So indeed, it has happened again. The popular MalwareyBytes app discovered a popular Android app that had more than 10 million downloads and that filled our smartphone with adware. Do you have it installed on your mobile device? Well, delete it immediately.

This app with more than 10 million downloads actually turned out to be malware

Read QR codes in bars

Who knew that a QR code reader app could be malware?

Barcode Scanner is its name and for years, one of the most popular Android apps. As its name implies, it is an application to read QR codes and barcodes and based on the comments and the Play Store score, it seems that it did very well.

Apparently everything changed in a recent update during the month of December and that is from that moment the tool was filled with ads. But not only that, but also the smartphones of the users began to fill with the typical advertising of "clean your smartphone" or "extend the life of your battery".

We really don't know very well what happened. Something similar happened to CamScanner, one of the most successful scanner tools on Android that overnight. got infested with annoying ads and notifications.

Luckily Android has a multitude of alternatives so if you are looking for an app that allows you to read barcodes or QR codes, Google Lens is the best option. Not only is it free but it also has a multitude of functions. Essential on every Android device.

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