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Google continues tradition launch in February a preview of the next Android update. The company just released the update to Android 12 Developer Preview.

The Android 12 first preview comes full of news that arrive for make it smarter, easier to use and with better performance your mobile operating system without forgetting to improve privacy and security.

What's new in Android 12 DP 1

Google reports that this first preview it's just the beginning of android 12, which over the next few months with new versions they will add more news. In this version, most of the new features are aimed at developers.

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Trust and safety

Android 12 Developer Preview

Android 12 offers users more transparency and control while keeping your device and your data safe. WebView now has the SameSite cookies that add more security and privacy to the websites that the user visits, and access to the MAC is restricted in all applications.

Improvements in user experience

Android 12 improves performance and user experience with some of these improvements:

  • Media transcoding: Most devices support HEVC decoding by hardware, being the most used format for recording. In Android 12, applications that are not compatible with this format will perform a transcoding to the AVC format, which is supported by most devices.

  • AVIF support: this new container will improve the quality of images. With more compression you get better results than with JPEG.


  • Embed rich content: as users like to share all kinds of content and that in some applications it is not easy they launch a new API that allows applications accept content from any source: clipboard, keyboard, or drag and drop.

  • Haptic sound effects- Apps can now provide haptic audio feedback via phone vibrator. This will allow you to create more immersive audio experiences. For example, you can identify the caller through haptic feedback or a racing game can simulate rough terrain.

  • Multi-channel audio: Android 12 enhance spatial audio. Added support for MPEG-H streaming and download mode playback, and now supports up to 24 channels (Before the maximum was 8 channels).

  • New immersive mode API for gesture navigation: to make full screen gesture navigation easier and more consistent.

  • Notifications interface update: Google renews the design of notifications to offer a more modern style, easier to use and more functional with improved animations and transitions.


  • More responsive notifications: Google wants that when a user touches a notification the application to open quickly, and for this it will block the intermediary services that some developers currently use, which what they do is a delay in the opening of the applications.

More application compatibility

To make updates faster in Android 12 add new functionality to Google Play system updates. Now you can update the Android Runtime module (ART) from the Play Store, which will allow Google to improve its performance and correct security flaws without having to launch a system update.

Android 12 also for Android TV

Google surprises us with the launch of the first preview of Android TV 12 when most TVs have not yet updated to Android 10 TV. The factory image for the device is already ready on the Android TV developer page ADT-3.

Update schedule

Android 12 Calendar

Now in February the first preview of Android 12, but from now on and every month a new version will arrive that will add new features. His calendar is as follows:

  • February: Android 12 Developer Preview 1.

  • March: Android 12 Developer Preview 2.

  • April: Android 12 Developer Preview 3.

  • May: Android 12 Beta 1.

  • June: Android 12 Beta 2.

  • July: Beta 3.

  • August: Android 12 Beta 4.

  • August: Candidate version.

  • August: Final version.

As we can see, Google plans to release three previews between now and April to launch in May the first beta of Android 12. After four beta and a candidate version, The final version of Android 12 should officially arrive in August.

First in the Google Pixel

As usual, the first devices to receive Android 12 Developer Preview have been the Google Pixel, specifically the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 They can now manually update to Android 12 Developer Preview.

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