After 4 years on iOS, Google extends a special function of its app to Android

"People also see" will recommend content related to a search you perform in the Google application.

Google is testing a new function for the integrated browser in your Android search app. A function that, curiously, has been active 4 years in the app for iOS.

Google will integrate a new feature in its app so you can spend more time on it

Google will integrate a new feature in its app so you can spend more time on it

This is the new functionality of the Google application on Android

As we can read in 9to5Google, the American company has just integrated a new function in the integrated browser of your Android application that will recommend content related to a search that we have done.

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This novelty is present in the 12.4 beta version of the Google app and it will appear when we access the application's browser, which will be opened by clicking on a link in the application itself or in Discover.

The first thing we can see in this browser is that the location of the menus has been moved from the top to the bottom, where we find the buttons to navigate back and forth, the share button and the menu button that has the following options: update, open in Chrome, find on page, browser settings and send feedback.

At this point, if we slide our finger from the bottom upwards, a new section will appear, which will be placed above the previous view, with the Google logo in the center and a title just below: People also view ("People also see"), which will show us a feed of articles and videos related to the search we have carried out. This information will be shown to us, in some cases, as full-width cards and in other cases, as a carousel.

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This new feature of the Google application for Android will probably make let's spend more time on it since it is going to recommend content related to the information we are looking for. Something that is positive since will make it easier for us to collect all relevant information on a topic specifically, quickly and easily.

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