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a list of developer software and products that have free versions

Free for developers is a website that almost any developer will want to add to their favorites immediately. It is an open source project with hundreds of collaborators who have dedicated themselves to putting together a huge list with a huge number of services that have free offers.

The list contains software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other types of products that have some type of plan or free option for programmers. The list is specifically limited to things that infrastructure developers (system administrators, DevOps professionals, etc.) may find useful.

Real and safe free offers

Free Dor Dev

The list contains only software offerings offered as a service, no self-hosted software is included. For a service to be eligible for this list it has to offer a free tier and not just a free trial.

If the free tier has a time limit, it must be at least one year. They also consider the free tier from a security standpoint, so they accept services that use SSO, but do not accept services that restrict TLS to paid tiers.

The web is organized into categories of a very long table of contents and includes a little of everything. Since all cloud service providers offering free options, to content distribution networks (CDN), APIs, data and machine learning, to CMS, IDEs, management systems, payment integration, event records, design and interfaces, DNS, forms, fonts, web hosting, testing, storage, repositories, etc.

Each service is described in detail, paying special attention to explain exactly what the free offer is, the duration, and the advantages it has. You can directly compare different services from this website without having to leave the page.

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It is a very comprehensive resource to help developers make informed decisions, especially for those who work on open source projects or who have limited budgets.