A first look at the new native theme engine in Android 12

The new themes of Android 12, in images. We already know how they will work and how they will change the appearance of the operating system.

Android 12 is already among us, and in the last days we have been testing the novelties that the new version of the system introduces. However, some of the most important changes in the latest installment of the platform not yet in the developer preview edition.

This is the case of the new native theme engine built into the system that we saw a while ago, and that will probably not be ready until one of the future preview versions.

However, thanks to a leak from the portal XDA-Developers It has been possible see a first preview of how this theme system works.

Android 12 theme in green color

One of the custom themes of Android 12, in pictures.

Colors will be automatically drawn from the wallpaper

As we already knew, the new theme engine will work getting the primary, secondary and accent colors of the wallpaper set by the user on their device. For this, the WallpaperColors API will be used.

The phones that will update to Android 12, and when they will

In this way, the system will be able to generate a custom theme based on the main background colors. As you can see in the screenshots - made after performing reverse engineering techniques to enable the themes function - this is a The most versatile system that will allow you to generate themes of any different color.

Based on the established wallpaper, the theme system - internally known as "Monet" - will modify the appearance of different elements of the operating system, such as the notification panel and quick settings, the settings app, or the lock screen.

In addition to that, it has been possible to enable an option that allows modify system lock screen with one of the new types of clock present in Android 12.

At the moment, this function is not active for users who have already installed Android 12 on their devices. But the development of the function seems to be advanced enough to end up seeing the light in one of the future versions previous or betas Android 12.

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