a conceptual Windows design created using PowerPoint

Talk about windows layout is talking about a topic on which everyone seems to have an opinion, and with how slowly changes in the interface of the world's most used desktop operating system tend to evolve, it is not uncommon to find ideas and concepts on how Windows could be more beautiful and consistent.

Kevin0304_ is a youtuber and engineering student who curiously uses PowerPoint as a tool to create conceptual designs for various technological products, including Windows. Kevin has a couple of cool videos on Windows 10 and an imaginary Windows 11 that look pretty good.

The dreamed of design consistency in Windows 10


In the videos Kevin shows an interface not too different from the one we currently have, but more consistent, with a Tabbed File Explorer and even a Task Manager that does use Fluent Design.

If you use Windows 10 and have an iPhone, these are the apps you need to fully integrate both systems

The Windows 10 concept even shows versions of the theme beyond dark and light, including desktops with Modernized versions of Windows XP or Windows 7 styles Some of us wish they were a theme available to apply to your current version of Windows 10.


These types of concepts are not uncommon, and we have shared great ideas from other designers with interesting ideas to improve the appearance of the windows operating system. Now that we know that Microsoft is working on a whole "visual and radical rejuvenation of Windows 10" we may soon see the system with a new look.

With Windows 10 Sun Valley we will see the return of rounded edges, and the company is already looking to form a team to design new applications that come pre-installed with Windows 10.

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