A Chinese brand has patented this "drunk mode" on their mobiles

Using your mobile while you're drunk is usually always a bad idea, but don't worry, because a Chinese brand wants to avoid you having a bad drink.

What of use the smartphone while being a little handicapped after a night of partying we have all done it, or almost all, so you no longer need to hide. Also, I think the vast majority of us can recognize that almost always this becomes a bad ideaAnd I don't know why, we all end up sending messages to our “exes”, posting compromised videos or doing things we really didn't want to do.

But be careful because smart phone has come to the rescue, or at least an unknown Chinese brand, which has just patent a drunk mode on their mobiles that promises to block and restrict certain applications or specific functions to avoid greater evils when the pandemic allows us to celebrate again.

Girl drinking and using mobile

If you have drunk, do not drive or use your mobile, because both things tend to end badly.

The news is so curious that many media such as Android Authority rushed to announce it following reports from MyDrivers, which presented us with the work of Gree Electronics culminated in a patent granted earlier in the month, and which explained a way of combat the use of compromised applications when we are drunk or under the influence of other substances.

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Your mobile will protect you from yourself, and will test you to unlock

The idea of ​​the Chinese company Gree Electronics is that users can configure a blocking mode when going out to party or when we drink too much, restricting access to certain common applications to prevent us from sending messages to people we did not want to send them to, for For example, or that we do not upload videos that we did not want to upload.

The operation of this idea is quite simple, with the possibility of choose rules for this drunk mode that prevent access to applications that we select from all those available on the smartphone, usually messaging or social networks.

Once the functionality is activated, we must also establish the verification checks that we are sober, tests that will allow us to deactivate the drunk mode for re-have 100% of our mobile showing that we are sober.

This 'drunk mode' from Gree Electronics will allow us to establish blocking rules during our parties, as well as infallible checks that we are sober before having all the functions again ... Yes that seems useful, yes!

The development of Gree does not stop only in blocking the sending of messages to our "ex", but it also simplifies interactions with the smartphone, with a simple interface that many Manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei already allow you to select discretion in your current Android firmwares.

Obviously and in the case of such a minority Chinese brand, don't expect their smartphones with this feature to be available in Europe and Latin America anytime soon, although it is also true that we can start campaigns for the giants of the industry to develop options like this ... At least it does seem useful, or am I the only one who has ever messed it up?

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