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9 applications to learn Greek from your mobile

These 9 apps will teach you Greek quickly and very efficiently.

Learning a language is a goal that will bring you many benefits that go beyond speaking, writing and understanding it, it will also improve your mental agility, allow you to know another culture, and above all, it is a good way to prevent Alzheimer's.

If you are passionate about Greek and your native language is Spanish, it will be much easier for you to learn it, although it may seem surprising to you, you will see how quickly you assimilate all that knowledge. The best of all is that you can do it from your mobile anywhere and at the rate you wantSince there are some applications that allow you to learn Greek easily, let's see which apps you can use.

apps to learn Greek

Top apps to learn Greek

In total they are 9 applications that we bring you so that you can learn Greek with your mobile, however, you must remember that no matter how good an app is, if you are not consistent and do not try hard enough, you will never achieve your goals.

Learn Greek - 15000 Words (Fun Easy Learn)

Fun Easy Learn Greek

This is a free app that you can use it even without an internet connection. It has a learning guide for beginners, intermediate, advanced and travelers, as well as a section for children to learn Greek and has a very useful dictionary. Includes the review system function, learning statistics and advanced search.

Learn Greek - MetaLanguaje

MetaLanguage app to learn Greek

It is a simple application to learn Greek, it does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced. This app has a very fresh and easy-to-use interface. It has several sections, among them, alphabet, vocabulary, common phrases like Good morning and Nice to meet you and much more.

It has mini games in which you must choose the correct meaning of the word shown on the screen.

Greek Letters and Greek Alphabet - From Alpha to Omega

greek letters and alphabet app

If you want to learn the Greek alphabet with its 24 letters, don't stop using this application, since it will show it to you in various ways, in Greek, in its name in Spanish, in modern Greek and even in the different uses that are given to them in mathematics.

It has different ways to learn Greek according to your needs, for example: with questionnaires, tests, games, among other options.



One of the most popular language learning applications that has millions of users is Duolingo, with it you can learn Greek and almost any other language, even Klingon. The learning system is personalized and very dynamic with exercises where you can practice writing, listening and your pronunciation.

Learn Greek for Free - Mondly

Mondly app to learn Greek

If you want to learn the Greek language from the basics, Mondly is the ideal app, since, with it you can start memorizing key words, then phrases, until you learn to form your sentences. With this app you will practice vocabulary and grammar in a simple and fun way, as well as posee voice recognition to improve your pronunciation and other cool features for you to be an expert in Greek.

Learn Languages ​​- LingQ


With LingQ you can practice Greek thanks to its extensive and very interesting didactic content, which ranges from podcast, audiobooks, interviews, among others.

LingQ has other great functions and features such as being able to use it without an internet connection, syncing your account to use across multiple devices, carry a count of number of words learned, record the time you have spent listening to audios or reading. Without at doubt it is one of the most complete apps to learn Greek or any language.

Drop by Kahoot !: learn languages


If you have little time to practice Greek, Drop by Kahoot is your best choice, since you can learn by using it for only 5 minutes a day. Its main focus is on dynamic games so you can learn the language while having a great time. However, what differentiates this app from most is that avoid translating the new words into your native languageInstead, it teaches them to you through images, which makes your brain remember them much easier.

It has a free version that is very complete and a paid version for those users who want special features and faster progress.

Learn Greek - Phrasebook / Translator

app to learn Greek easily

The Greek language, like any other language, can be learned in different ways, one of them is through phrases, this is how this app can help you both in writing and in pronunciation. The Learn Greek app contains a quick guide with common phrases, emergency, greetings, among others. As well allows you to record your voice to compare pronunciation, among other very interesting functions.



Finally, we mention you to Tandem, an app with which you can learn Greek by speaking with natives, through videos, chats and audios. First you are evaluated, then the application locates a partner for you so you can start the language practice, most of its functions are free, although there is a Pro version that gives you access to classes with a professional tutor.

There is no more fun way to study a new language, since in addition to learning a new language, you will be able to meet new people and their culture.

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