8 original keyboards that you have to try on your Android: from X to Y

If you are tired of using the traditional keyboard on your mobile, give some of the most original keyboards for Android a try.

Always using the same keyboard on your Android mobile can become boring, so in this list we encourage you to take a risk and change your keyboard for more original ones. If you do not know any do not worry, because we will recommend you various fun and special keyboards.

If you want to innovate when it comes to sending messages or writing in general with your mobile, try giving the 8 original keyboards a try that we recommend below. Colors, emojis, special keys ... These Android applications are not missing any details.

How to make the keyboard bigger on your Android mobile

Best original keyboards to try on your Android

One of the advantages of having an Android mobile or tablet is that you have ample customization possibilities for its elements. One of those components that you can change without problems is the keyboard, well simply install a new keyboard app.

If you are tired of the traditional keyboard of your Android and want to try new things, we encourage you to give these original keyboards for Android a try.

  • Fleksy
  • Gboard
  • GO keyboard
  • Microsoft Swiftkey
  • Chrooma
  • iKeyboard
  • Neon LED keyboard
  • Kika keyboard


Fleksy keyboard for Android

On the Fleksy keyboard you will find hundreds of themes to customize it.

In addition to boasting of being the fastest keyboard for Android today, Fleksy also stands out for having a wide catalog of themes with which you can customize its keys. In addition, this keyboard also has a complete library of emojis and suggests which emoticons you can add to the text while you type.

Focusing on customization, one of the most interesting aspects of Fleksy is that you can create your own themes or select others created by professional artists. In addition, within this keyboard you can also access the Fleksyapps, applets with which you can find emojis, funny videos, digital gifts, GIFs, stickers and travel and food applications.


Gboard for Android

GBoard is one of the most famous keyboards for Android.

Besides being one of the best keyboards for Android, Gboard, the keyboard from Google, is also one of the most original that you can use on Android. For example, we like your Emoji Kitchen feature, with which you can join several emojis to create new ones.

Gboard also has several themes to choose from to give it another look, with or without key borders. Writing by sliding your finger or Google Translate integration are other tools that make this Gboard something special.

GO keyboard


Another original keyboard for Android is Keyboard GO, with different options to give a new direction to your conversations. For example, it has a library of smileys, emojis and emoticons with which you can express yourself more easily. Also, you can change the text font selecting your favorite among the more than 100 different fonts available on this keyboard.

If you like to give your keyboard another look, with GO Keyboard you can do it thanks to its more than 10,000 colorful themes. On the other hand, you can also set any image from your gallery as the background of the keyboard itself.

Microsoft Swiftkey


Microsoft's keyboard, Swiftkey, uses Artificial Intelligence to learn and adapt to your particular way of typing. This keyboard, which supports more than 400 languages, puts at your disposal more than 100 different themes to give you a new look to Swiftkey. If you want something more personal, you can set one of the images stored in your terminal as the keyboard background.

Another option for Microsoft keyboard customization is the one that allows you to modify the size and layout of the keys. By the way, it also has a catalog of funniest GIFs, stickers and emojis to use. In fact, Swiftkey predict even the emojis you want to use in conversations.



Original the less is Chrooma, a keyboard that automatically change the color of the navigation bar depending on the app you are using. To this we must add that this lightweight keyboard for Android supports multilingual typography, that is, you can write at the same time in several languages.

You can also enable one-handed typing, split screen for better writing on mobiles with large screens, the automatic night mode to change the keyboard pitch when it detects low light. On the other hand, it also gives you the possibility to customize it with various themes, font styles, emoji styles and resizingor.


IKeyboard keyboard

Customize your iKeyboard themes to change their appearance.

Another original keyboard that you can try on your Android is iKeyboard, with more than a thousand emojis and emoticons to chat with. With support for more than 150 languages, iKeyboard also allows you to customize it with themes that you can design yourself. You can change the color of the keyboard, the typeface of the text, the size of the keys and even create a musical keyboard with sounds like piano, violin or guitar.

There is no lack of funny stickers and GIFs on iKeyboard, which you can quickly access from the keyboard itself to use in your chats and apps.

This customizable and open source keyboard for Android is a great alternative to Gboard

Neon LED keyboard


More than 10 million downloads accumulates in the Google application store this Neon LED Keyboard, free to download. As its name suggests, this app integrate a keyboard with neon colors on your Android, helping you to achieve an innovative look on the device. Also, you can apply other fun skins to change their look even more.

This Neon LED Keyboard also has key functions in a tool of these characteristics, such as automatic correction and suggestion, multi-language writing and emoji predictions.

Kika keyboard

Kika keyboard

Kika keyboard has thousands of themes and emojis.

It also stands out for its originality Kika keyboard, with which it is very easy to send messages with the most fun emoticons and emojis. If you are looking for a keyboard with which you can innovate, this is a good option, as you can change the color, size and even the sound of the keys. In addition to choosing from over 3,000 colorful Kika Keyboard themes, you can also add an image from your gallery as your background.

On this keyboard you will also find thousands of original and funny emojis, GIFs and stickers, automatic text correction and support for more than 150 languages.

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