7 good alternatives to Photoshop to edit photos on mobile

If you want to edit photos like a pro from the palm of your hand, these are the best alternatives to Photoshop for mobile that you can use.

There are many, and very good photo editors for mobile. But few are at the level of a full version of Photoshop that allows us to retouch and modify images to our liking.

Therefore, today we wanted to choose the best alternatives to Photoshop that exist in Android, with tools such as layered editing and other advanced editing functions.

Editing photos on an Android mobile

Editing photos on an Android mobile.

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Photoshop on Android? These are the best alternatives

There are many who seek the Photoshop versatility in mobile photo editors. The problem is that it is not easy to develop so advanced tools and at the same time offer a good experience on touch screen devices. For that reason, we have selected the 7 options that offer the best relationship between ease of use and number of functions.


Krita, editor for mobiles and tablets

Krita, an alternative photo editor to Phtooshop for Android.

If you are looking for the mobile app more like Photoshop, without a doubt that is Krita. It is a free and open source app with endless functions, not only dedicated to image editing, but also to those artists looking for a very complete drawing app.

Krita for Android is the best alternative to Photoshop for mobile that exists currently. In addition, it is also compatible with ChromeOS tablets and computers.



Photopea, an advanced photo editor available through the browser.

Another fantastic free Photoshop alternative that is inspired by the Adobe application is Photopea. The peculiarity of this editing app is that not available on Google Play, but it is a web application accessible directly from the browser.

Despite this, it works perfectly on Android phones and tablets, and offers practically all the functions found in Photoshop, such as layered editing, compatibility with PSD and RAW files, and much more.

Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express for Android

Photoshop Express, one of the versions of the editor available on Android.

The Photoshop mobile version that can be downloaded through Google Play is very different from the full version of the editor. In fact, it has rather little to do with it.

To this day, there are three different Photoshop apps for Android, but among all of them we are left with Photoshop Express, for being the one that offers a greater number of functions.

It allows, among other things, adjust images, reduce noise, add blur and effects, and much more. This version of Photoshoip for mobile is free to download, although it contains purchases in-app required to unlock features.



Snapseed is one of the most popular design and editing apps on Android.

It may not be the most advanced photo editor on the market, but Snapseed is a powerful image retouching and editing tool available on mobiles and tablets, which offers a good number of functions. Some of them are also inspired by Photoshop tools.

It is the case of RAW file support, selective filter, the stain remover brush or the ability to change the perspective of photos.

It is a free Photoshop alternative for mobiles and tablets, easy to use and backed by a company like Google.



Undoubtedly, the most advanced photo editor available on mobile devices. Lightroom is the other Adobe's editing and retouching tool, and in this case yes, we find an application much more like the desktop version.

In fact, we have practically the same functions: from the possibility of importing or creating presets, to editing by curves, selective brushing, geometry adjustments and more. Many of the functions of the application are free, although some advanced options require a Adobe subscription.


Pixlr For Android, review

One of the most outstanding functions of Pixlr is the one designed to create collages.

Some people consider Pixlr to be the best photo editor for mobile. The reality is that it is a very complete photo retouching app, which offers interesting functions and can undoubtedly serve as a interesting alternative to Photoshop.

Besides being possible take pictures Using Pixlr, the integrated photo editor gives us the possibility to remove defects from our photos, make editing with different layers, filters and effects or size and geometry adjustments. The app can be free download.

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Although it is not as well known as the previous ones, MultiLayer is a good free alternative to Photoshop for mobile, which stands out –as its name suggests– for offering image editing through different layers.

With this app you can move, zoom and rotate layers, add photographic frames or filters and much more. Its interface is not as neat as that of other applications, nor is it such an advanced editing tool, but it can be useful for those looking for a editor with support for layers easy to use and free.

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