7 apps to learn and memorize verbs in Spanish

Improve your command of Spanish with these apps to learn and memorize verbs.

It is no secret to anyone that Spanish is one of the most difficult languages ​​to understand (much more complicated than learning English). However, there are tools that can go a long way to helping you perfect the way you handle it. For this very reason, today we will introduce you the best 7 apps to learn and memorize verbs in Spanish.

Whatever the reason you want to improve your Spanish, you have just arrived at the right place. After you install any of the apps listed, you will find out for yourself that you will start to handle the language in a better way.

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Of course, remember that Practice makes a master (both in this and in anything you want to learn). If you really want to learn and memorize Spanish verbs, then you will have to invest a lot of your time to achieve it.

7 applications to learn and memorize Spanish verbs from your Android

  • Spanish verbs
  • 10,000 verbs in Spanish
  • Spanish verbs
  • Learn Spanish grammar and verb conjugation
  • Conjugation verbs
  • Spanish Verb Trainer
  • Verbify

Spanish verbs

Spanish verbs

With this app you can both learn and memorize regular and irregular verbs in Spanish. The app contains the most common verbs and is constantly updated, so it will always include verbs. Spanish Verbs shows the conjugation of verbs in different tenses: indicative, subjunctive, imperative and others.

This tool includes examples, definitions, pronunciation and notifications. Plus, it comes with verbal translations in English, French, and Portuguese. On the other hand, it also has texts for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Chinese. It is also necessary to highlight that you can order the verbs by regular, irregular, most used or by color.

10,000 verbs in Spanish

10,000 verbs

10,000 verbs in Spanish is the perfect app for students of all levelsBesides being a great travel companion to Spanish-speaking countries. This app to learn Spanish grammar has a list with all the infinitives and all the verb forms of each verb. Thanks to this, you will be able to find the verb "to be" when you search for "I am".

The application allows you search the translations and even customize which verb tenses will be displayed. Make a list of your favorite verbs!

Spanish verbs

Spanish verbs

Spanish verbs is an app in which you can learn and memorize almost 700 verbs in 20 different tenses. With a simple search, you will find the one you need in seconds.

Have no idea how to pronounce a verb? Well now the app comes with audio so you can find out what the correct pronunciation is. Just hit the button next to conjugation and you're done. However, this feature of the application requires an Internet connection.

Learn Spanish grammar and verb conjugation

Learn Spanish grammar

Learn Spanish grammar

This interesting application will help you improve your grammar in Spanish by providing you all forms of conjugation of the most popular Spanish irregular and regular verbs in indicative, subjunctive and imperative modes. The grammar reference that this tool brings will be key for you to better understand the grammar rules in Spanish. You can also expand your knowledge by playing the quizzes offered by the application that will help you improve your vocabulary.

Let's conjugation

Let's conjugation

Come on Conjugation is a app that allows you to search for any verb in Spanish and conjugate it quicklyThis application will help you a lot in learning the language, especially in verb conjugation, and it is wonderful because it also has the ability to pronounce verbs with sound and image.

If you were looking for a simple application to learn the conjugations of our language, then download the Let's Conjugation tool from the button below these lines. You'll love it!

Spanish Verb Trainer

Spanish verb trainer

Spanish verb trainer

App for practice the conjugations of the most common Spanish verbs. Ideal for students of Spanish at all levels and as a travel companion to Spain, Mexico, Latin America.

Spanish Verb Coach stands out for its low weight, because works offline and because it has a special study algorithm for optimal learning. Without a doubt, it is one of the best applications to learn Spanish grammar and irregular verbs.



Verbify is an app that will help you master Spanish verb conjugations in no time. It has more than 2000 verbs with 18 tenses and has voice help to improve its pronunciation. The tool sorts by regular and irregular verbs, in addition to highlighting them in bold. It also allows you to practice conjugations by choosing verbs, persons and tenses. And if that wasn't enough, conjugations are highlighted according to your progress based on an intelligent AI algorithm. Another excellent way to learn and memorize the verbs of our language!

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