6 indisputable advantages of using an iPhone instead of an Android mobile

Having an iPhone is not mere posturing, there are many advantages to using it compared to an Android device.

Controversial topic without a doubt. Because in the world there are many rivalries but few compare with the one that exists between Android and iOS phone users.

Some defend freedom, the infinite possibilities of customization and the large number of options when purchasing a smartphone. The others defend how well the iPhone and its ecosystem work. Be that as it may, we cannot deny that both Android and iOS are really two awesome operating systems.

Although Android has many positive things about iOS, the truth is that iOS also has many advantages over Android terminals.

I have tried to use an Android as the main mobile but Apple has not let me

The truth is that once you enter the wonderful world of Apple it is really difficult to get out and the reasons for this are not few. Let's get to know them.

Apple's app store has higher quality than Google's

iPhone 12 in blue

Using an iPhone is not mere posturing, its advantages are many

And this is a fact. Although both on Android and iOS we can find practically all the most popular apps of the moment the truth is that the App Store has higher quality than Play Store.

On Android it is really easy to find clones of popular applications like WhatsApp and even other tools using the same name, they promise you features they don't really do to attract users. These apps are really useless and the only thing they are looking for is the data of the poor deceived who download them.

The Apple application store is the opposite and is that these types of applications do not exist, which makes the App Store much cleaner and safer since practically all the applications that we can find meet the quality standards that Apple demands from developers.

Greater transparency when downloading applications

2019 will be the year of malware according to the latest report from the well-known antivirus McAfee

Android malware is more and more prevalent

One of the latest updates that Apple has made in its application store is that since the beginning of this year all the apps for iOS should disclose their privacy practices and the data they collect, something that services like Facebook have not really liked.

Android apps also ask for permissions but they do not disclose the data they collect or the use they make of it.

You can tell if an app secretly accesses the microphone or camera

One of the latest features to reach the Apple iPhone is that if an application accesses the camera or microphone of our smartphone, a small yellow or green notification dot appears on our device.

Installing a flashlight app on your Android is definitely as dangerous as it is stupid

This serves to alert the user that this app is using either the microphone or the camera. In this way unpleasant surprises are avoided like for example an application spies on us without us knowing it.

Your smartphone always updated

iPhone SE

The little iPhone SE from 2016 keeps getting updates

One of the most criticized points of Android is that with so many smartphones on the market, it is impossible for firms to keep them updated and with the latest software versions. This is really noticeable on budget phones that unfortunately they are usually forgotten within a few months of their launch.

In another vein, Apple pampers its terminals. As there are fewer of them on the market, Apple can offer better support to its terminals by updating its terminals up to 5 years after its launch.

IOS apps only ask for essential permissions

Another advantage of using iOS is that you guarantee that its applications They will only ask you for the minimum permissions for its correct operation. While a flashlight application on Android will ask to access your address book, this does not happen with iOS.

Luckily Android is becoming more serious and strict on this issue but unfortunately still has a long way to go.

Higher resale value

If you are one of those who change your mobile frequently, possibly an iPhone is your best option. The reason? Very simple. Why a second-hand iPhone sells faster and at a higher price than a used Android phone as the resale value of the former is much higher.

Unfortunately, Android terminals devalue quickly after a few months so its resale price is much lower than the iPhone, the price of which is maintained over time.

Be that as it may This does not mean that iPhone terminals are better than Android, but it is true that Google has a lot to learn from Apple's operating system, especially in terms of privacy and security in its application store.

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