6 ideal options for children

That's how fun math can be thanks to this selection of mobile apps for kids.

Although it seems like a tedious activity, learn numbers and count is one of the fundamental activities for the intellectual development of the smallest of the home. In addition, it is a good way to activate concentration and prepare the mind for future problem solving.

Fortunately, there are programs, web pages and even very entertaining mobile apps that can help your child to learn math from an early age. So who said technology was bad?

Apps to learn numbers and count 6 ideal options for children

Apps to learn numbers and counting: 6 ideal options for children

Therefore, this time we will show you the most popular apps and ideal options for children learn to numbers, to count and something else. Go for it!

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The best applications to learn numbers and to count

  • Learn to count from 1 to 20 - math kids
  • Funny Food 123! Baby educational games for kids
  • Learn to write numbers! Counting games for kids
  • Educational games. Learn the Numbers
  • Learning the Numbers
  • Learn numbers: educational game for kids, babies

With this compilation of best mobile apps for children to learn numbers We are more than sure that children will be able to face any situation according to their age, they will begin to measure time, distance, identify, recognize, order and to use the knowledge acquired as instruments to integrate into society.

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Learn to count from 1 to 20 - math kids


Learn to count from 1 to 20 is an app designed for young children, especially among 1-5 years old. Your goal is through interactive games draw the child's attention so that he can memorize each number, identify it and associate it with objects.

Thank you to your fun activities and games your child will maximize his logical / associative development and you will be prepared to go to preschool with a previous foundation that will help you learning process. Its interface is very colorful and with animated objects that will make the more fun and easy experience. Is completely free and is available for Android.

Funny Food 123! Baby educational games for kids


Funny Food 123! is one of the community's most loved platforms and is specially designed so that preschool children 5-6 years can learn to count or know numbers in depth. Its interface is perhaps the most fun, since the animation is reflected through fruits, vegetables, greens, candy, desserts, and glazed garnishes.

Their activities and games are based so that the child learns to identify by reflexes, work memory, develop attention and fine motor. Each teaching method is designed so that everyone learn the numbers from an early age. Is totally free and you can get them freely in the Play Store.

Learn to write numbers! Counting games for kids


This mobile application is ideal for children of any age and it can even be very fun for babies. Its interface is very striking, its very colorful and bright animations and with engaging sounds.

Its platform will be able to move the child to different environments and exciting trips with counting games, puzzles, clock hands, figures, logic training and attention.

Without a doubt, it is a very educational and exciting that has come to stay. With more than 20 interesting and useful levels for the little ones in the home. It is available in the Play Store and totally free.

Educational games. Learn the Numbers

Educational Games Learn Numbers app

12 educational games to learn numbers and to count from Android

As the word indicates, it is a series of 12 educational games where children can learn with different activities to know numbers, counting and some basic mathematical operations. Its interface and animation is based on animals, flowers, geometric figures with eye-pleasing colors and harmonic environments.

Among the games we can highlight: tracing numbers with the fingers, joining the dots, dominoes, recognition, puzzles, number sequences, among others ... All in order to help in the intellectual and psychomotor development which are essential for concentration and solving everyday problems.

Learning the Numbers


If what you are looking for is fun and something simple for children from 0 to 8 years old learn numbers and counting, you will surely like this platform. It is one of the best mobile apps available for Android and it is also made up of several interesting and entertaining sections.

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As if that were not enough, you will have access to health videos, science, nature, arts and Minigames fishing, supermarkets and even milk the cow. This platform is completely free and fulfills the function of stimulate the creativity of the minor and prepare you effectively for the preschool.

Learn numbers: educational game for kids, babies


This system is adapted with the current educational principles so that every child of any age (0 - 10 years) can start in the world of mathematics without frustrations. It is a very fun application, full of joy, color and vibrating sounds to accompany the child in their processes.

Learn numbers: educational game for kids, babies presents 3 levels of difficulty and you can get a series of games, and quite useful tasks that range from ordinal numbers, puzzle, intelligence games, simple selection and more. The best of all is that each game is adapted according to the age of the infant and he will be able to see his progress.

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All activities seek to promote child's motor and intellectual abilities, improve concentration, thinking and memory.

We hope this list of apps to learn numbers and count is really useful for children and they can get the most out of it in the educational field. If you liked these options, surely you will also appreciate these 6 apps and games to learn colors.

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