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5 things you should keep in mind when buying a second-hand mobile

Buying a second-hand mobile is a good option as long as you do it safely. These are the things to keep in mind when doing it.

The second-hand market has always been an interesting alternative for the purchase of quality mobiles at a lower price than the original. At a time when smartphones are becoming more and more expensive, people are relying more on these types of affordable purchases.

Without going any further, in 2020 225 million second-hand and refurbished terminals were sold, 9.2% more than in 2019. According to experts, this growth will not stop here, second-hand mobile sales are expected to continue to increase beyond 2024.

We know that buying a good mobile at a cheaper price, even if it is already used, is a very attractive option. If you are considering it, we want to help you and choose a good terminal and avoid possible scams. For this reason, we explain what they are the 5 things you should take into account before buying a second-hand mobile, pay attention.

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Before buying a second-hand mobile, keep these aspects in mind.

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Buy in trusted stores

There are many stores that sell second-hand or refurbished phones, but not all of them can be trusted. Before launching into the purchase of a new terminal, either in a physical store or online, you should analyze whether it is a reputable company.

Nothing better than doing it by consulting the opinion of customers who have already bought in these stores and the qualifications that they have obtained. This is a good method, for example, on Amazon, where you can see the opinions that other users have left in stores that sell second-hand terminals.

In addition, there are stores of these characteristics that have already earned a certain reputation, such as Ebay, Cash Converters or Wallapop. However, we repeat, always consult the opinions and references provided by people who have already tried in these stores.

Keep in mind when you are going to make the purchase

Galaxy S20, side

The second-hand Galaxy S20 is even cheaper after the launch of the Galaxy S21.

It is important to know when you are going to buy certain models, as this will significantly influence their price. Specifically, the best time to buy a mobile is after his successor hits the market. By the way, the launches are usually annual. For example, Google tends to introduce its new Pixels in the fall.

It is understood that lovers of a specific model will part with the previous version at a good price when they can now buy the new alternative. For example, if you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 second hand, you can do it now, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has already been launched.

It is also understandable that, having a better option on the market, the price of the previous version of the mobile will fall sharply.

Compare its price in other stores

Another thing that you should take into account before buying a second-hand mobile is its price. Nobody likes to overpay, so it is best to compare the price of the terminal you have in mind with the one you have in other second-hand stores.

It is true that the price may vary slightly depending on the seller, but it should always be more or less similar to know that they are not ripping you off. By the way, keep in mind that you must find the model with the same specifications, because issues such as RAM or internal storage may be different.

Accessories accompanying the terminal

You should also take into account what accessories accompany the terminal: charger, headphones, USB cable ... Since you are going to make the purchase of your next mobile, the best thing is that it comes together with all the accessories that it included from the factory, also its original box. Especially important is the charger if we take into account that many Android phones already arrive with fast charging.

In addition, this will be a detail that will also help you determine that it is a totally legal purchase and that the seller does not want to deceive you.

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Analyze the conditions of return of the mobile

Finally, before buying a second-hand mobile, make sure that the purchase conditions are completely legal. Also, pay attention to details of a possible return and warranty, because you never know in what state you will receive the mobile phone. The best thing is that you know how you can return it to get your money back and how much time you will have for it.

Once received at the terminal, carefully evaluate their condition to confirm that everything is as it should. And voila, you can now enjoy the second-hand mobile that you just bought knowing that you have done it in a trusted store and at a good price.

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