4 news that will come to Telegram very soon

Telegram will add these four functions soon.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp is possibly the most popular instant messaging application of the moment - and all this even though it forces us to accept somewhat controversial terms and conditions of use-, the truth is that we cannot consider it the best tool of this style.

For many, Telegram is not only a more complete application, but also more private and secure. It is true that it does not have the user base that WhatsApp has, but it is also true that with each day that passes, more people join this community.

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Also is true that Telegram is updated more frequently receiving interesting news every so often something that WhatsApp cannot exactly boast of. The last functions that we can enjoy in Telegram are already in beta 7.5 and should soon reach the official version as we read on XDA.

Invitations by QR code

Security data collected by Telegram

Telegram will soon add the possibility of inviting groups via QR codes

To this day to enter a Telegram group the only way is to do it through an invitation link. Luckily this could change since since the last beta version the owners of a group They can generate QR codes to allow other users to enter these groups.

Furthermore, and in relation to invitation links, owners may also set expiration dates so that these links stop working at a certain time.

Widgets for Android

One of the main advantages of Android over other operating systems are its Widgets. Now the beta version 7.5 of Telegram add widget support with the aim of always having our favorite chats and channels at hand.

Group chats with temporary messages

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Telegram is the best alternative to WhatsApp

Temporary messages or messages that are destroyed over time are one of the key functions of Telegram. Basically they are messages that once reach their recipient, are automatically deleted after a period of time.

Well, now the administrators of a group can make all the messages of the chat are deleted after the time that they mark. The timer can be set for 24 hours or 7 days.

Convert chats to broadcast groups

The latest feature available in beta 7.5 allows group admins turn a normal group into a broadcast group. For those who do not know the difference, normal chat groups "only" can have 200,000 members maximum while there is no limit on broadcast groups.

Also, in broadcast groups only administrators can post messages. Keep in mind that once a chat has been converted to broadcast there is no going back.

As we have said before these new functions are available in beta version 7.5 of Telegram. This means that they are still in test so no we know when they will reach the official version of the Play Store. Telegram is a totally free messaging application and possibly the best alternative to WhatsApp.

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