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11 things you can do with Google on an iPhone but not on an Android

Sometimes, for reasons beyond our understanding, Google decides to bring some exclusive functions to the iPhone that are not available on Android, or that they end up arriving later than soon.

This is the case of Gboard, the Google keyboard that first came to iOS several months before landing on Android, or the possibility of changing the arrow icon for a car in Google Maps.

But those two are just a few old examples. Today, it is still possible find Google features only available on iPhones, and today we want to review some of the most interesting.

Google on an iPhone

Google on an iPhone mobile.

Add useful widgets to the home screen

Although in Android it is possible to find good widgets for the home screen of our mobiles, I am afraid that Google's are not among them.

And the truth is that it is curious given that Android has been offering support for widgets practically since its initial version, while iOS introduced this function only a few months ago. And yet the Google widgets for iPhone and iPad are much better designed and they are more useful than the ones we can find on Android.

This is the case of the widgets of the Gmail app or the search engine itself, which not only have a careful design and according to the aesthetic lines of the platform; they also offer quick access to cool features directly from the home screen.? Also mention the excellent Google Photos widget for iOS, which allows a selection of our best recent photos to be viewed on the home screen.

Create a reading list with offline access in Chrome

The Chrome version for iOS it also includes some functions that are not present in the web browser for Android. It is the case of the reading list, a tool that allows you to save pages or articles to access them later.

In addition, this reading list offers the possibility of download the pages to access them later without the need for an internet connection.

Open Chrome in multi-window mode in a much more comfortable way

The process of open multiple windows on the same screen Using Chrome is also much easier on iOS than on Android. On iPad or iPhone, just make a long press on a link and touch "Open in a new window". Automatically, a new browser window and both will be displayed as a split screen.

Multi-window in Google Chrome for iOS

Multi-window in Google Chrome for iOS.

Quickly access incognito mode

Both in Google Maps and in the Google search app, in iOS it is possible to enable the incognito mode of the application with a long press on the profile image from our Google account. On Android, it is necessary to access the options menu of each application to activate that option.

11 things you can do with Google on an iPhone but not on an Android

Create typing shortcuts in Gboard

Gboard not only came out earlier for iOS than for Android. It also has some functions that are still not present in the version intended for the Google operating system.

It is the case of dotted shortcuts or "dot shorcuts", a function that allows replace text strings with emojis, GIFs, messages or any type of content.

In this way, for example, by typing ". Hello", we can make the keyboard automatically replace that shortcut with a GIF of a predefined greeting or message. On Android, it is necessary to resort to third-party applications to be able to do the same that Google offers natively on its keyboard for iOS.

Customize Gboard to your liking

As if the above weren't enough, Gboard for iOS is a fully customizable keyboard, which in addition to the predefined themes –also available on Android– allows us to create our own changing the color of the keys, their borders, the text and much more.

Open multiple tabs in the finder

On iOS, the Google search app is capable of almost completely replacing a browser, thanks to the support of browsing through multiple tabs. On Android, it is not possible to open more than one tab through the search engine app.

Tabs in the Google search engine for iOS

Several tabs open in the Google search engine for iOS.

Crop videos in Google Photos

One function that not everyone knows about is the possibility of crop videos in Google Photos. Function that, today, is available on iOS, but not on Android.

Google Photos on iOS, video trimming

Google Photos on iOS allows you to trim videos.

Change the dates of photos and videos

Another feature of Google Photos that, for now, is not on Android but is on iOS, is the possibility to modify the capture date of the images and videos saved in Google Photos, thus allowing us to organize our albums in a better way.

Change the date and time of a photo in Google Photos for iOS

Change the date and time of a photo in Google Photos for iOS.

Manage bookshelves in Google Play Books

If you are one of those who use Google Play Books To read your favorite books, you should know that, on iOS, the application has the possibility of organize books on different shelves, thus giving us greater control over our catalog.

Book shelves on Google Play Books for iOS

Book shelves on Google Play Books for iOS.

On Android, although it is possible to create collections, it is not possible manage custom libraries in the way that it is in the app for iPhone and iPad.

These are just some of the functions of Google apps that we can find on iOS and not on Android. That, however, does not mean that iOS versions are better than Android versions, but it is striking that, on occasions, the search engine company takes more care of its apps for the rival platform than those dedicated to its own operating system.

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