YouTube can now be installed as a progressive web app - here's how to do it

YouTube just became a progressive web app. A Twitter user realized of the novelty a few days ago and anyone can now install the PWA on their computer with a couple of clicks from Google Chrome.

This type of web-based applications are not something new, in fact they have been among us for a few years, but they have not yet been fully exploited since they are and can be a kind of vitaminized version of the web applications that we all know.

Progressive web applications are, so to speak, a type of application that straddles a normal web application and a native application

How to install the YouTube progressive web app and what it offers

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To install YouTube as a PWA on our computer we must follow the ordinary procedure of installing a progressive web application from Chrome, some extremely simple steps as we are going to see.

We simply have to open the Google browser, access and look at the Chrome address bar. In it, on the right side, an icon will appear in which a symbol + lies within a circumference.

YouTube's progressive web application, for now, does not exploit the full potential of this type of application

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By clicking this button, A small window will appear asking us if we want to install the YouTube application, as we can see in the image that heads this article, and we will click on Install. Ready.

It should be noted that, for now, the progressive web application of YouTube does not offer all the functionalities of this type of application, such as the possibility of using them offline. The movement may also respond to the prominence expected for this type of application, which in systems such as Windows 10X will be capital.