you can see its development live

Apple's M1 chip is, right now, one of the most fascinating pieces of hardware on the semiconductor and tech landscape. However, unlike its predecessors with Intel, it has brought Macs new difficulties, such as the inability to boot with Linux or Windows. With virtual machines it has been achieved, but there are developers who go further.

And for them there is good news. According to account Hector Martin, developer who managed to bring Linux to the PS4 and has an open Patreon to do it on the M1 chip, macOS Big Sur 11.1 beta 2, currently released to developers, comes with full support for a custom kernel. This will be key in getting Linux to boot natively on the platform.

The work to get Linux to boot natively, live

M1 Linux

If you are interested in seeing how Hector Martin is looking (with some progress already) to boot Linux on the M1, you can see his stream on YouTube where it is showing and explaining all the technical steps you are carrying out at the programming level. It is often difficult to keep up with him, but it is a delight to see the productivity with which he works.

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The key to the process will be the bootloader or bootloader, which for the M1 and Linux, Martin has dubbed m1n1, referring to the fact that he is working with a Mac Mini M1. Developer It already has 1,250 patrons who collaborate with a minimum of 3 euros per month, and states that the project goes beyond releasing a distribution with support for the M1, but that at some point they will release a version of Arch Linux ARM.


The most difficult thing ensures that it will be to achieve support for GPU drivers and other parts of the SoC, although, for example, for this already has the support of Alyssa Rosenzweig, who is working on reverse engineering to the 8-core graphics chip of the M1, something it has already done with GPUs from ARM, the Mali.