you can now upload and view high resolution images

A few weeks ago we told you how to view images in high resolution and without compression on iOS. Although somewhat hidden, Twitter has the option to upload 4K images, which allows us to see the photos with complete clarity, without the aggressive compression that Twitter applies when we see images in the timeline.

This feature was available on iOS for a long time, without a trace on Android. At last, the feature arrives in the new beta of Twitter for Android, so we can both upload 4K images and download and view them.

4K images hit Twitter for Android

Image 2021 01 07 10 00 15

Twitter, like the rest of social networks, applies a lot of compression when we upload images. One of the ways to fix this is allow images to be uploaded in high resolution, something that will allow users to also see them in their highest quality.

For this, the 4K images option was necessary, which was only present in iOS. With the new Twitter beta the function arrives for all users, so you only have to install the latest version from APKmirror to load and view 4K images.

Once we have updated the application, we can both upload and view 4K images. Every time we want to see an image in high resolution we will have to upload it manually

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With Twitter updated, just click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner when opening any photo to check whether or not we can see it in high resolution. If the message does not appear, it is because that image is not uploaded in 4K. If we see 'load 4K' we will see the image in the highest possible resolution.

If what we want is upload high resolution images, we will have to activate it manually by following these simple steps.

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  • Open Twitter

  • Go to settings

  • Settings and privacy

  • Use of data

  • High-quality image upload

  • Activate WiFi, mobile data or both