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You can now see the guts of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and its approved in repairability

A YouTube channel disassembles the Samsung Galaxy S21, shows us its glastic back? and explains that, indeed, it is very easy to repair.

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 are already here and can even be reserved together with their pre-sale gifts, so obviously these days we will finish knowing all their details and see it in all its angles, also disassembled as in this case by a YouTube channel specialized in teardowns in the purest style of iFixit or JerryRigEverything.

And it is that yes, to all flagship from the market they get their resistance tests and disassembly right after being introduced and before reaching their first buyers, who can know in depth the durability and repairability of any device without need to 'drop the dough' by them prematurely.

Samsung Galaxy S21 teardown

The new Samsung Galaxy S21, without its 'glastic' rear, with all the potential uncovered.

Be that as it may, we have come here to talk about the Galaxy S21 in particular, and although the truth is that in Andro4all we have even been able to test them now to show you our first impressions With them, the truth is that Samsung did not allow us to put the screwdriver to see their guts, something that however we have taken little time to do ... Do you want to see what a Samsung Galaxy S21 looks like inside?

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 +, two different 'flavors' (but similar) in the new high-end

The back of 'glastic' is very flexible, and the Galaxy S21 scores a remarkable in ease of repairs

Obviously the subtitle will have given you clues that indeed We are not facing the Ultra model, the most powerful, but rather before the most restrained of the range, the Galaxy S21 with its polycarbonate shell which, according to Samsung, is in this case "special" due to its finish more similar to glass.

In fact, the South Korean giant has come to denominate this material as 'glastic' although certainly the crystal only has its appearance, simulated, because then its elasticity and resistance to torsion are reminiscent of the best days of plastic on the best mobiles of a few years ago ... And there is nothing wrong with plastic well used!

Be that as it may, under the hood this Galaxy S21 has the same credentials as their siblings plus and ultra, so it's good to see him teach us all his secrets from his two 5G antennas, each one arranged on one side of the device, to your battery, which is one of the simplest elements to remove of the set to facilitate its repairs.

But we don't want to leave you without surprises, so here you have the video directly and without further ado spoilers

You will have already seen it, and it is that not only is it easy to access and replace the battery, one of the most common elements when repairing a smartphone, but the whole terminal is relatively easy to disassemble and replace in case of breakdowns, with a simple dryer to heat the glue and a little expertise with electronic devices.

Not in vain, the companions of PBKreviews score 7.5 out of 10 for ease of repairs of this Galaxy S21 in its basic mode, although surely the hardware platform and the assembly are similar in the other models with the exception of the rear glass, so we can expect similar scores on those models plus and ultra that we will surely soon also see disassembled.

It is very curious to see how the motherboard is designed with a layout very compact, and how it also allows to extract in a very simple way the sensors of the triple camera, which are well visible, as well as to check that Samsung has not provided any special heat dissipation system, which implies that neither the Snapdragon 888 -in this specific case- nor the Exynos 2100 should be overheated ... Very interesting!

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