You can now download the Release Candidate with support for the AV1 codec and HDR improvements

Kodi is one of the applications that allows us to create an almost custom multimedia center. An application that we can find on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS) and which is currently in stable version 18, with the nickname of Leia, while seeing a new update arrive.

And it is that you can already download Kodi 19 Matrix Release Candidate, a version that is available for different platforms providing interesting improvements. Changes and improvements are coming to HR, in support for new codecs and above all, the replacement of Python 2 by Python 3.

AV1 codec support and HDR enhancements


The launch of Kodi 19 Matrix is very close in time, something that is associated when we see a Release Candidate version of any type of software. In this way, you can download it from this link if you want to try any of the improvements that we now know.

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The arrival of software with the Release Candidate label means that development is pretty polished and the code is robust. The last push is missing in what comments and feedback refers to finish debugging any errors that may still be present.

One version, Kodi 19 Matrix, which stands out for adoption of Python 3, replacing Python 2, which saw its development end. If you don't make heavy use of addons and add-ons, you can try the improvements it offers. If not, you may want to wait to avoid any performance and functionality issues with the plugins, at least until the developers update them to Python 3.


But next to the Python change, the most notable is the support for new video codecs. This is the case of the AV1 codec, a codec that has the support of giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or Netflix comes to improve what the H.265 codec offered until now, by optimizing its compression and also being free.

Also, Kido 19 Matrix has improved support for HDR. This new version allows the playback of files with dynamic metadata of Dolby Vision if we run it on a compatible player, a good example being the Amazon Fire TV with which I have done the tests.

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