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you can already listen to about 350 titles

The audiobooks officially arrive on its Huawei Books platform. As reported by our colleagues at Xataka, the service arrives in Spain with "about 350 audiobooks", a figure that will gradually increase until it surpasses 3,000 "soon", and which will continue to grow throughout 2021.

With this addition to its platform, Huawei begins to compete with services such as Audible or Google Play Books, platforms present in Spain and quite established. Huawei audiobooks will require a Huawei account, to log in to the App Gallery, as well as to use the Huawei Mobile Services.

Audiobooks arrive at Huawei Books


The audiobooks arrive at Huawei officially, through its Huawei Books platform. It is Huawei's alternative to great services such as Google Play Books or Audible, starting with about 350 books and aiming to reach 3,000 in a short time, according to Huawei.

There is no subscription service here, if we want an audiobook we will pay for it, just like in the Amazon and Google alternatives

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Regarding the acquisition model for the titles, it is the same as its rivals, pay per title, no subscriptions. When we want an audiobook, we will pay for it, without being included under any subscription service that opens the door to several titles.

Through Huawei Books we can see the title, name of the narrator and preview of the same, so that we can get an idea of ​​how the book is told. In the same way, we can download the audiobooks to play them offline within the platform, either in full or by downloading just a few chapters.