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Xiaomi has patented a most peculiar pop-up camera

Xiaomi has patented a retractable camera with mirrors that can capture photos and videos both from the front and from the back, is it yet another madness or do we take it as a useful innovation?

Immersed in its upgrade plans to MIUI 12.5 and still with the Xiaomi Mi 11, its latest flagship, pending landing in many markets like ours, the truth is that The Chinese giant continues to work on improving its mobile photography in all areas, now teaching us a new retractable camera patent that uses reflective mirrors and that will leave you speechless.

It is an innovative technology that our colleagues from GizmoChina taught us following a recreation of Let'sGoDigital, and that would allow this module 'pop-up' take pictures or videos both in front and behind, hiding at discretion inside the body of the smartphone when we do not need it.

PopUp Camera

With integrated cameras under the screen in the making, Xiaomi is still late with its new 'pop-up' ... Or not?

It seems like another madness from Xiaomi, and certainly not a camera layout 'pop-up' to use, with mechanisms where the front camera is integrated to hide it and not pierce the screen, since in this case the device devised by the Chinese giant could be used not only for selfies and video conferencing, but also as the main camera taking into account the size limitations for increasingly large and high-performance sensors.

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It generates a lot of doubts, especially seeing the huge photographic modules that are now mounted on the best smartphones on the market, but the patent has already been registered by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software with the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and also before WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Office, so it seems that the Chinese manufacturer is serious about this technology.

The approval of the patent dates from January 7, 2021, and the published documents and sketches have allowed to recreate what would be an emerging mechanism on the smartphone, in which they are housed sensors pointing vertically and not sideways, using above an adjustable reflective mirror that would allow images of both sides to be obtained as required by the user.

It would be something like this that we show you in the image Whats Next:

Xiaomi's retractable camera with its 'reflective mirror'.

This is the Xiaomi retractable camera, with its 'reflective mirror', in a recreation of Let'sGoDigital.

As you will expect, the mirror would move at the user's own request using an integrated servo motor, so obviously the same sensors could be used both to perform selfies and video calls pointing to the front, such as taking videos or photos pointing to the rear, thus keeping the same quality of cameras in all kinds of needs and uses on a day-to-day basis.

It sounds very versatile, even interesting, and for sure we would like to try it to see if it actually improves the current experience at all, but sometimes companies strive to solve problems that we do not have and I still have doubts that a mechanical module like this can house the best quality sensors in a contained size.

Be that as it may, we will most likely not see it on a commercial mobile anytime soon, and that it is only a design exercise seeking to test innovative technologies that allow clean the front as much as possible without penalizing the quality of the cameras as it happens to the integrated ones under the panel ... Which will obviously get better with time too!

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