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Word adds support for trackpads and Excel brings Split View

Microsoft has just updated its suite of office applications for the iPad. From today the Office experience on the Apple tablet is getting closer and closer to the one we get on a computer.

Excel for iPad now supports Split View, that is, now you can open two spreadsheets simultaneously one next to the other, with the possibility of reviewing and editing. And for its part, Microsoft Word already has full support for trackpads and mice.

Close to the desk, but not quite

Word Ipad

Excel is not the only or the first to receive Split View, both Word and PowerPoint already offered this option for a few months now, but now with Excel, the trio of apps gets simultaneous editing of two documents side by side.

To access Split View in any of the Office applications for iPad you have to touch a document and hold while dragging it to the side of the screen.

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On the other hand, although Microsoft added support for trackpads and mice in Word, Excel and PowerPoint last October 2020, with the most recent update, Word has received full support so that users can connect any iPad compatible mouse or keyboard with trackpad to interact with documents.

Since Apple moved from iOS to iPadOS in its line of iPads, adding things like Split View and keyboard and mouse support, the gap between tablets and desktop has certainly narrowed quite a bit. The experience is much more complete than before, it is still not entirely there, nor does it offer the same levels of flexibility, but it is an increasingly viable option for many users.

Via | Macrumors