With 'Raya and the last dragon', Disney + will repeat Mulan's bet and will charge more than 20 euros to see it at home

One of the news of 2020 was that, with 'Mulán', Disney skipped theaters for the first time and released it as a grand premiere on Disney + for 21.99 euros, in what they called Premium Access. Collection figures for the film have never been known, and it was rumored that the model would not return, after being able to see another great premiere like 'Soul' only with paying the subscription.

However, Disney has just revealed that another of its great novelties for 2021, the animated film 'Stripe and the Last Dragon', will also arrive at Disney + with an extra cost to the subscription, $ 29.99. It will be March 5 and, if nothing changes, the price in Spain would go back to being that of 'Mulán'. Of course, this time there is a fundamental difference with the Chinese heroine film, and that is that the film will also be released in theaters (Although it has not yet been revealed in which countries).

A decision that validates the bet with 'Mulán' and contrasts with that of HBO Max and Warner

Hbo Max

Announcing the film's arrival to Disney + Premium Access somehow validates the bet with 'Mulán', although it is as a way of giving a second chance to the first model with which they tried to obtain alternative income to the cinema, after the temporary closure of theaters caused by the pandemic or the fear of exhibiting or attending them.

Disney + 's decision is also surprising in response to the ambitious plan by Warner and HBO Max to broadcast on the new platform (which will arrive in Spain in 2021) box office mega-premieres such as' Dune' or 'Matrix 4'. And all this, at no cost to the user beyond the payment of the monthly subscription.

The premiere of 'Wonder Woman 1984' on HBO Max in 4K shows that we can finally have a modern HBO app in 2021

Another part that the industry can take into account when continuing to draw up its entire strategy for digital premieres is that of downloaded newly released content. In that sense, 'Wonder Woman 1984' swept torrent downloads, but also set a record for collection in it was COVID-19.