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With its incorporation into Firefox, the new .AVIF image format becomes available in all major web browsers

A bug report for Firefox 86, slated for release next February, shows that This new version of Mozilla's browser will include support for the new AVIF image format.

It is not that until now it was impossible to view the files from this browser .avif inserted in web pages: we could already do it for half a year if we used a development version, or manually activating the support From the page 'about: config'.

However, this kept less advanced users away from the new image format...

... but now, with its imminent incorporation as a default functionality to the third most used browser in the world, added to the fact that Google Chrome (and most browsers based on Chromium) are already compatible with it, AVIF becomes a de facto graphic standard, along with JPEG, GIF, PNG or WEBP.

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But what is AVIF?

AVIF is a free and highly optimized image compression format. It is based on the open source AV1 video codec (technically it is a video frame, as is also the case with WEBP) and on the ISO HEIF standard, used as an image container.

Files with this format turn out to be up to 50% smaller than JPEGs, although it does not always guarantee the same sharpness as these. However, at the same weight of the image, AVIF does offer better quality than JPEG.

In addition, its lower weight allows AVIF images to load much faster when visiting a website, although they do not support progressive rendering like JPEGs (that is, start showing low quality and improve this while loading).


As we can see, the new format has its pros and cons, but also influential 'godfathers': one of its main impulses has come from the hand that the bet that Netflix has made for it.

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So we can already use this new format

If you want to start testing its compression capacity and image quality in AVIFs, you can use the Squoosh online converter (developed by Google Chrome Labs, and that we can install as PWA) to convert to new format from rival JPEG.

In Windows 10 we can install an official Microsoft extension from the MS Store to provide the support system for the new format (both the video and the image), and thus achieve that the Explorer shows thumbnails of the images, or that these are editable from programs such as Paint.

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Image | Based on original by Mathias Appel (via Flickr)