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Wine 6.0 arrives focusing again its novelties on 'gaming' in Linux

Like every year in January since 2017, the Wine team has released a new version. In this case, Wine 6.0, which arrives loaded with news. The most important ones are again focused on video games. Since the last large version of 2020 it has rained and improvements have been received, but now is when Wine takes a leap again.

Although Wine is a software designed to run Windows applications on Linux, the truth is that currently, the suites and programs that would be most interesting to use, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365 and Autodesk programs, they do not work correctly and have a performance far from what they offer natively in Windows and macOS. That makes WineHQ focus more on graphics issues that are driving games on the platform.

This year, many of the new features come from the work of CodeWeavers, the developers of CrossOver. It's interesting now that they are putting so much effort into, for example, gaming on Macs with Apple silicon M1.

8,300 new changes to continue improving gaming

From the official WineQH website they have mentioned that this year of work has served to provide the Wine project with 8,300 individual changes, among which the most prominent are:

  • Kernel modules so that DLLs like NTLDLL or KERNEL32 arrive in PE format and there are fewer problems with anti-copy systems.

  • WineD3D: they release a new Vulkan backend with DirectX 10 and 11 operation

  • Support for DirectShow and Media Foundation.

  • Console text redesign.

After installing Ubuntu 19.10 I have had the simplest and most complete Linux gaming experience of my life

As we can see, the most important improvements are once again focused on gaming, something that many users will like, and which has been crucial for Steam Play Proton to bring thousands of games to the platform. On the other hand, perhaps it is missed that the compatibility of large professional applications from Adobe or Microsoft continues to improve at the same rate.