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Why we need a MagSafe on Android

Will we get to see a "MagSafe" on mobile devices?

Apple is one of the most important technology firms today and although many call it continuity and not very innovative, the truth is that it is a company that causes trends.

First it was the fact of not including a headphone jack port, then came the decision not to include chargers in their smartphones - something that other firms such as Xiaomi or Samsung will copy - and also the fact that present “new technologies” as interesting as MagSafe in their new iPhone 12.

The Magsafe is a small magnet placed on the back of the new iPhone 12 that, in addition to allowing wireless charging, also serves to attach other accessories such as magnetic covers. The uses are really manySo there is no doubt that the future of Cupertino phones lies in the MagSafe.

But, What if Android also had its own MagSafe? Well, we would simply love it.

Why Android Brands Should Have Their Own MagSafe

How to get MagSafe magnet rings on Android

Is it possible to have a magnetic ring from an iPhone 12 so that your Android works with the MAgsafe accessories?

Instead of launching phones with next-generation processors whose performance does not differ from previous models or flooding the back of phones with more photographic sensors as a marketing method, the truth is that firms could imitate Apple and bet on technologies such as MagSafe.

On the one hand, the MagSafe, unlike conventional wireless charging, is much more flexible when placing the mobile on the charger. No matter the position, the MagSafe recognizes it immediately. It has happened to all of us that we have gone to place our smartphone in the wireless charger and it has been difficult for us to find the correct position.

On the other hand, the MagSafe allows, thanks to magnetic covers, to connect our device to new accessories such as a wallet. At the moment there are few products compatible with this technology but we are sure that little by little more and more will appear such as MagSafe car chargers, something many users would love. The possibilities are endless.

Ultimately the MagSafe allows for much more elegant and slim mobile devices by not needing connectors. Let's be honest, we all want smartphones with ports for headphones or to charge the mobile but the future is not going that way.

In the case of Apple, MagSafe is the best ally to try to create a mobile phone without physical ports and that only works with wireless connections. In the case of Android, we are sure that the first firm to bet on a technology similar to that of Cupertino would get a good pinch of the cake. Seeing the precedents, will it be Samsung with its future Galaxy S21 or Note21? Place bets.