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why do you bet on audio and it's so different from the others

When the whole world was facing the first stakes of the pandemic, a new social network that these days is giving a lot to talk about saw the light. Club House, only available for iOS devices, was released in March 2020 with the goal of building a "more human" experience.

A new platform focused on audio that, despite having been talked about at its launch, is during these last days of January when you are registering a significant barrage of users. The invitations to join, because at the moment it is not open to all, are a precious commodity for the early adopters. Although there is a promise to open up to everyone throughout this year.

Clubhouse is a social network where they send the conversations live and direct. No text, only the voice of those who speak and the ear of those who listen

A social network devoted to audio

Clubhouse, which has a minimal web page with practically no information about its nature, is a social network focused on voice. In the audio.

To get a better idea, let's think it's like a big bar full of tables and benches. One of those places, in the style of traditional German breweries, where you sit where you can or where you are left. Everyone, in one way or another, is with everyone.

Clubhouse is the equivalent of those German breweries with tables and benches in which everyone is with everyone and, at the same time, dozens of conversations are going on

At the tables there are dozens of groups of people gathered and, in each one of them, its components talk to each other about one topic or about many. You can attend the conversation, if you approach them, and you can even participate, if they give you the opportunity. Something similar happens in the Clubhouse.

When you open the application, what you find are rooms in which several people are speaking, generally, in a relaxed way. Between friends. To all those rooms -rooms in Clubhouse— you can come in and listen, like a listener, as you would by watching and listening in a stream from Twitch, for example. But you can also try to take sides by intervening if he lets you.

To do so, as in many video conferencing applications, we must raise our hand virtually. A function of the application allows us to express our intention to participate to those in charge of the room and, if they consider it appropriate, they can give us the opportunity to do so.

Of course, anyone can also create their own room.

"It is a place to meet friends and new people from all over the world, to tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics."They explain from the platform on their blog. From a handful of people, some celebrities, who started using the platform in its first months of life has been passed to the two million people around the world who in recent weeks have joined Clubhouse to speak and all that that implies.

Two million people from around the world have joined the platform in recent weeks, creating some problems in an infrastructure that was not prepared

In this fashionable social network, scientific advances related to rare diseases are discussed, philosophy is discussed, meditation is learned, the day-to-day life of design professionals is discussed, the results of the latest sports competitions are reviewed and even sings opera. Everything or almost everything that can be done with the voice has a place.

He was born, the founders tell it, when in the fall of 2019 the two met again after past adventures through a job that one of them was doing to help his daughter, who suffers from a rare genetic disease. "That reconnection eventually led us to come together to work together.", they remember.

Clubhouse for everyone throughout 2021

Clubhouse promotional image about the new year.

The objective of the Clubhouse managers is open the platform for everyone throughout this new year. "With that goal in mind for 2021, we have secured a new round of funding, led by Andrew Chen [ex de Uber] in a16z, which also led our Series A ", they explain. With him, they accumulate more than 180 investors between the largest and smallest.

Among other plans, they announce that they will soon get to work on an Android application, on options to offer an experience by location, on expanding the infrastructure that is already beginning to suffer the effects of success, evolving tools to detect abuse, and improve discovery of rooms and, important point, invest in creators.

Content creators will be able to monetize their conversations in Clubhouse by receiving direct payments from followers through subscriptions or one-off donations

Aware of what content creators for platforms such as Twitch or YouTube mean, Clubhouse qualifies them as "the soul" of the platform and they plan to launch the first tests to allow direct payments in the coming months. through small functions donations or subscriptions.

We will see how this new platform continues and if it manages to gain a niche. At the moment, to access it, we can join the waiting list or ask someone who is already inside to send us an invitation.