WhatsApp spy on me? Find out easily with this handy chart

WhatsApp spy on me? Get rid of any doubt with this graphic.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular applications in the world. With millions of downloads both on its website, the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, the app has become an essential today.

However, it is not without controversy. Since in its day it was obtained by the tyrant Facebook, to the instant messaging app It has always been criticized for its lack of security and privacy towards the user.

All this was aggravated by the hypothetical changes that WhatsApp was going to make in its conditions of use, something that has had to be suspended given the pressure from users. However, Does WhatsApp really spy on me? Can I really feel safe using WhatsApp?

WhatsApp spy on us?

Use WhatsApp on Android

Is it safe to use WhatsApp today?

WhatsApp has suffered a decrease in its users due to the latest controversies that have surrounded the tool, controversies that have served for other apps like Telegram and even Signal to gain even more popularity and therefore users.

The WABetainfo medium, known for being one of the portals that gets more information about WhatsApp from the Internet, has made a spectacular graph explaining the reasons why WhatsApp continues to be a private and secure tool for all its users today.

Said graph aims to clarify all doubts about end-to-end encryption, location sharing, what happens with voice calls made from WhatsApp as well as security when using WhatsApp Business, more focused on business accounts.

You can see the graphic in question at full resolution from this link. It is quite large and detailed hence we have decided not to put it directly in the article since honestly it would not be seen.

We must recognize the mega work that the WEBetainfo guys have done and we hope that all those who have doubts about whether or not to use WhatsApp have resolved them. Otherwise, keep using Telegram, which is a much better app in every way.

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