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WhatsApp shows more details of its latest function

Archived chats could have their minutes counted.

WhatsApp has just launched a new update to its beta program in which it is possible to see the future arrival in a not too distant time of a new function: "Read later." This is currently in the development phase and has no scheduled launch date at the moment.

Although it is not yet available, as usual, from Wabetainfo have had access to the preview of it. Basically your goal is replace archiving of chats in those cases in which it was used simply with the purpose of not losing them and reading them at another time.

The announcement of this future feature to be incorporated comes amid all the fuss caused by the privacy of WhatsApp users. Since the app announced the obligation to transfer the data to Facebook, many have I decide to give it long and look for alternatives.

What it is and how it works "Read later"


What data does WhatsApp collect from you?

It is not yet known exactly if Read later it will mean the end of archived chats, although there is some speculation about it. In any case and, given its operation, both are perfectly compatible. Until now, when you received a message in an archived chat you did not receive notification, as archived chats were automatically muted.

Soon a new cell will be added to the top, "read later". And, according to wabetainfo, archived chats will be stored under this nomenclature.

read later whatsapp

This is what Read Later on WhatsApp would look like. Via wabetainfo.

Also, with the new update will also come the option to have archived / archive messages in Read Later revert to normal chat menu if they receive a message.